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Preview W.I.T. Production’s “One Eye Shut”

Posted on December 5th, 2007 by Zack | Posted in General, Media, Riders, Videos

After catching a few glimpses here and there of the new work of “One Eye Shut,” we are sold on its potential. This new film is one that looks to have stepped it up a notch both in the filming and editing for W.I.T. Productions. Take a look for yourself at the newly released teaser video and get ready for what looks to be a mix of hard hitting riding and poetic style from behind the lens.

BFY Productions NEW Video DRIVE : Teaser Added

Posted on November 12th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted in General, Media, Videos


Sean Kilgus, of BFY Productions, is in the process of filming DRIVE. Again Kilgus has assembled the top riders in the sport to create what looks to be his best cinematic achievement in DRIVE. The entire video has been shot with HD Super 16mm Film. Look for the film to release in Spring 2008.

Riders Featured in DRIVE : Rusty Malinoski, Randall Harris, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Jeff McKee, Ben Greenwood, Jimmy Lariche, Adam Errington, Trevor Hansen, Gabe Lucas, and JD Webb, Erik Ruck

Check out the DRIVE teaser after the jump or by clicking on the logo in “Latest Video Trailers” section.

Trailer for Push Process, Oakley’s Incredible New Video

Posted on September 28th, 2007 by Jason | Posted in General, Media, Videos

Oakley SunglassesLike pretty much every one in the wakeboard industry, we thought Justin Stephen’s film from last year, The Truth, was amazing. From the first time we saw the final cut we were asking ourselves “how can he possibly top this?” Enter Push Process, the new Oakley team video directed by, yep you guess it, Justin Stephens. This time Chase Heavener (that’s a name from the past) also works his magic with incredible effects.

Although all we’ve seen so far is the trailer, it looks like Justin has worked his magic yet again, and the result is a movie that appears as though it will surpass even The Truth in terms of cinematography excellence and mind blowing angles and slow motion action. It’s also incredible to see to how much the sport has progressed in just the last year when compared to the riding in The Truth.

We’ll stop talking now so you can check out the trailer after the jump, enjoy!

Team Hyperlite Descends on Lake Shasta

Posted on September 26th, 2007 by Jason | Posted in General, Media, Riders, Videos

Hyperlite WakeboardsThe Hyperlite wakeboard team gathered in Northern California recently to relax, recharge, and to take advantage of the incredible late season conditions Lake Shasta is known for. Fortunately for us they also brought along a video camera to capture some of the best free-riding we’ve seen. As an added bonus, there are some good shots of the 2008 gear, as the official purpose of the trip was to shoot video and images for the 2008 Hyperlite catalog.

As the season here in the Northwest starts to wrap-up, this video makes us wish we had a Shasta trip planned sometime in the near future to extend the season just a little bit longer. Hyperlite has put together a great team, and if they have plans to release more videos from team trips in the future we’re all for that.

Check out the video after the jump.

NEW Video Teaser : Filming GODSPEED in Idaho

Posted on August 29th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted in General, Media, Riders, Videos


Jared Eygabroad, of Scratch Films, is in the process of filming his NEW video GODSPEED. He’s filmed with a variety of Northwest Riders that include Bret V, Thomas Olson, Robby Carter, Chris Craig, Nike Ennen, Silas Thurman, and the list goes on. Eygabroad is shooting his NEW film around the Northwest region in locations such as Gig Harbor, Northern Idaho, Koppert Lake, and local rivers throughout the Northwest part of Oregon.

Check out the video teaser from a recent filming trip to Idaho for GODSPEED after the jump. It features riders Thomas Olson, Robby Carter, Chris Craig, & Jimmy Wolfe.

TRANSGRESSION : Gator Boards Team Film - Teaser

Posted on May 25th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted in General, Media, Riders, Videos



Northwest based Film Maker Ronn Seidenglanz, of Sidewayz Video Distribution, is bringing us yet another ground breaking title that will impact wakeboarding as a sport. This film exclusively features the Gator Boards Team Riders, including NW Rider Dave Issacson. The film was shot in various exotic locations throughout the globe.

After watching this teaser I was floored by the cinematography. Ronn is known for his unique angles and perspectives. His latest work, Transgression, lives up to the reputation. I think you will be as impressed with the caliber of riding that was captured during the filming sessions.

Check out the Gator Boards Team Film Teaser, TRANSGRESSION, after the jump.

Bent Felix Wakeboard Video Trailer

Posted on May 15th, 2007 by Jason | Posted in General, Media, Videos

bent_felix_trailer.jpgI was looking through my video collection recently and realized that Bent Felix is one of my favorite movies. In the spirit of that, I thought we should all sit back and watch a little bit of Bent Felix.

Check out our behind the scenes coverage of the making of Bent Felix for more insight into what it took to bring this film to life.

NEW Video Teaser from Northwest Film Maker

Posted on May 6th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted in General, Media, Riders, Videos


Spencer Norris, of WIT Productions, sent over a teaser for his new video. This will be his follow up film to “The Arrival” that released earlier in the year. The teaser features some new faces and familiar Northwest Riders.

Check out the new teaser after the jump.

The Good Times 2 Teaser

Posted on April 1st, 2007 by Zack | Posted in General, Media, Videos

Check out this teaser of The Good Times 2, the new Northwest centric wakeboard video from Scratch Films. Featuring great riding from some of the Northwest’s most talented wakeboarders, this sequal to the freshmen effort The Good Times promises more great moments in the history of wakeboarding.