pdxWAKE.com - Bringing Portland’s Wake Community Together

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Photos provided by Travis Morita and Garret Little

pdxWAKE.com - Bringing Portland’s Wake Community Together by Travis Morita

As the sun slowly starts to come out and the down-pouring rain gradually turns into a drizzle, the wakeboarders of the Portland metro area start piling into the Willamette. Although the weather has been a bit inconsistent so far this season, epic sessions are slowly on the rise. One local internet site, www.pdxWAKE.com, is doing a huge part in bringing the wakeboard community together and making these very sessions happen.

Without my own boat, it can be quite hard to get out on the water and go ride so early in the season. About a month ago I happened to stumble upon a wakeboarding site that made this very important fact irrelevant. pdxWAKE is an internet site dedicated to bringing people together who have one thing in common, wakeboarding. Oh yeah, did I mention snowboarding too? Upon finding this site, I’ve already been able to get out on the water eight times. Last year, I don’t remember getting into my friend’s boat until late May.


One small family, in particular, that I met on the site and have built a close friendship with has been especially kind. Paul and Brandy Mize, along with their 3 year old son Sean, just moved to the area from Atlanta, GA. They have invited me and my friends onto their boat multiple times, always looking for a good time to just hang out and go ride. The couple loves wakeboarding. Proof of that comes from a funny little story that they told me. A while back, while they were riding with a group of friends, one of Brandy’s feet slipped out of her binding and hit her in the back of the head. She came out of the water bleeding and the group immediately decided that she needed to go to the hospital. Paul’s response was, “Before we go to the hospital, can I get one more set?” You can tell this guy loves to ride.


Last weekend Paul brought out his wakeskate too. Having been a skateboarder for 8 years, I’ve always wanted to try it out, and see how it compares. Overall, it was a really fun experience. I even tried a few shuvits and kickflips. I’m sure Paul is going to make me go ride that thing some more.



I’ve gained quite a few friendships from pdxWAKE. In fact, five of us guys, all brought together by the site, are currently in the application process for taking part in the Red Bull Flugtag that is going to be held here in Portland, OR on August 2nd. We plan on building a pirate-themed wakeboarding boat and hucking it, along with ourselves, off of a 30 foot platform right on the waterfront.

So if you’re ever in the Portland area and are looking for an extra pull, or some people to fill up your boat and go ride, stop by pdxWAKE and meet some fellow diehards. These guys are always willing to ride, rain or shine…hooky days pending.


The pdxWAKE.com Riders in this story / gallery include : Travis Morita, The Mize Family : Paul, Brandy, and Sean, Garret Little, Tyson Grey, and Kyle Maese.

Take the time to check out pdxWAKE.com if you live in the Portland Metro area. Connect with fellow riders and build the local Wake community. Stay tuned for future stories provided by Travis Morita and other pdxWAKE riders.

We’ve posted a gallery from one of their days on the Willamette. Check it out by clicking HERE.

3 Responses to “pdxWAKE.com - Bringing Portland’s Wake Community Together”

  1. CHRIS STAGG Says:


    My Name is Chris and I am Currently serving as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps here in Portland, OR. I have been wake boarding off and on for the last (5) years, but sinced I have been stationed up here, have not been able to go unfortunetly.

    Every year, we as the staff members of the Unit get (2) MWR (Morale, Wellfare and Recreation) events of our choosing. I would like to know if there are any Wakeboard Enthusiasts that wouldn’t mind taking some Marines out for some Wakeboarding, Tubing, Skiing, and all around good time on the river(s). Of course I am not asking you to do this for free, as we are alloted a certain amount of money to participate in these events (not sure how much). We were shooting for Mid-Late August.

    If anyone is interested, we have approx (38) Marines on staff. I figure we would need 6-8 boats, depending on the size of the watercraft. Skill levels will range from Green-Horn Newbie to Advanced riders (bull balast riders). We would also hold a BBQ that you of Course would be welcome to.

    My email is christopher.stagg@usmc.mil and phone 971-344-7137. If interested please let me know.

    Thank you for your time and have fun on that glassy water!



    Chris Stagg
    Sgt / USMC

  2. Zack Says:

    Hey Chris. Getting 6 to 8 boats together could prove challenging, but we may have some options for you. I am talking with my business partner about this. If you can get me an exact date or dates in August that would be very helpful to see if we would be available.

    You can check out more info at http://www.northwestriders.com

    Thanks for the email…and thanks for serving your country!

  3. Patti Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m moving from Europe to PDX and I’m used to wake board on tow-lifts. Of course I want to continue wake boarding in Oregon I just can’t find a place/lake that has a tow- lift like that. Do I need to owe a boat in order to board over there? Is there any rentals? How does it work and where is the best place to go?
    Thanks for your suggestions!!!!!


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