2008 BAKES Northwest Wakeboard Invitational : Photo Galleries

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Photos : Bryan Myss


Rider : Bret V (2nd Place - Big Air Winner)


You’ve read the recap, now check out the photo galleries from the 2008 BAKES Northwest Wakeboard Invitational. We’ve posted 3 galleries for your viewing…..

We want to thank all the riders and sponsors who made this years BAKES NWI Double Up Comp possible. WakeboardNorthwest appreciates all who turned out to root on their favorite riders during the NWI.

- CLICK HERE - To READ the Official Recap of the NWI.

To VIEW the 2008 BAKES NWI Photo Galleries : Click Below

- Gallery 1 -         - Gallery 2 -         - Gallery 3 -



Rider : Thomas Olson (1st Place - NEW Bakes NWI Title Winner - Best Trick Winner)


Rider : Sam Cole (3rd Place)




1st - Thomas Olson (Gig Harbor, Washington)
Sponsors : BAKES Marine, Northwest Riders Clothing, OBrien Wakeboards

2nd - Bret V (Gig Harbor, Washington)

Sponsors : BAKES Marine, Malibu Boats, OBrien Wakeboards, Straight Line

3rd - Sam Cole (Oregon)

Sponsors : Active Water Sports, Slingshot Wakeboards

* Biggest Air - Bret V (Heelside Indy Front)

* Best Trick - Thomas Olson (Toeside 900 in the Finals)


2008 BAKES NWI Rider List :

Bret V (Washington)
Brandon Robins (Washington)
Nick Jones (Washington)
Sam Cole (Oregon)
Nick Cardoza (SW Washington)
Nick Haisch (Washington)
Jeff Fabiani (Washington)
Rob Carter (Central Oregon)
Hunter Graham (Idaho)
Zach Schneider (Oregon)
Thomas Olson (Washington)


2008 BAKES NWI was supported and sponsored by : BAKES Marine, BAKESONLINE.COM, BAKES Board & Ski, Northwest Marine Trade Association, Northwest Riders, WakeboardNorthwest.com

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  1. Bret V Says:

    Those pics are insane! All of the riders were going HUGE! One of the best comps ever…

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