A Day with Liquid Force MAVEN on Lake Sammamish

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Introduction: Zack Clark
Content: Bess Byers
Photos: Bryan Myss

Liquid Force Maven Header The Liquid Force Maven Sessions have had another successful tour through the Northwest. More women were stoked on the sport of wakeboarding as a direct result of the LF women visiting dealers around the region and getting out on the water. The goal? Get women involved in wakeboarding and wakeskating that have never been exposed to the sport as well as increase the skills and passion for those that are progressing and learning each day.

Generally, the Maven Sessions is kept 100% female. When the girls visited Seattle and stopped by Bakes Board & Ski they had access to two amazing water machines in the form of the Northwest Riders Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV and the Bakes Marine Center shop boat…also a Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV. The problem…one Maven short meant that myself and fellow Bakes Board & Ski employee Brandon Robins would have to handle the driving. I know what you are thinking, tough job. Don’t worry, we stepped up with the help of Greg Young from Northwest Riders as a fill in for the latter session. In all seriousness, we did our best to keep quiet and stick completely to driving. After all, the Maven Sessions are all about the women. Brandon, Greg and myself focused on our job and let Andrea Fountain and Barrett Perlman coach the clinic. It was an honor to spend the day with Fountain, Perlman, and Maven head honcho Kathleen Penny. These ladies are doing a great service to our sport.

Read on for a view of the day from the eyes and ears of a few other participants.


The Maven Sessions wrapped up its Northwest tour this week; what a success! Thanks to Bakes Board & Ski, we were able to ride behind two gorgeous Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSVs. This meant we had a total of 22 girls out on the water, tearing it up, and trying new tricks.As to be expected with a Malibu boat, the wake was perfect and the girls loved it. Just like the Tri-Cities stop, ladies of all ages and abilities were in attendance.


Shown : Kathleen Penny - LF MAVEN Product Education

Christa and her twin sister Chelsea, 21, came out to the afternoon session. Christa was an intermediate rider, and had this to say about her experience, “It was so fun being in an atmosphere of just girls wanting to do the same thing, get better at wakeboarding. I didn’t even know how to ride switch until Barrett coached me into it. I was even doing ollie 180s at the end of the day! My sister and I enjoyed the Maven Sessions a lot and will definitely be back next year.” Christa and I had talked about how awkward we felt riding switch, and how we both worried about catching an edge. She got out there, took some advice from Barrett, and was riding switch like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, Christa earned the award for “Worst Crash,” but was a blast to have on our boat. Hopefully she’ll be coming to a Maven Club outing on Lake Sammamish soon.


Rider : Barrett Perlman - MAVEN Team Rider and Coach

Fiona, 26, had never been up on a wakeboard before and had this to say about her experience at the Maven Sessions, “For me it was really cool to see the professional women, like Andrea Fountain, doing the inspiring tricks I’ve only seen men do. I picked up some really great tips. Although I wasn’t able to get up at the Maven Sessions, I got up the very next day. All the girls were really nice, I had a great time.”


Rider : Andrea Fountain - MAVEN Team Rider and Coach

Of all the Maven Sessions I have attended, I cannot think of one that is my favorite. Each clinic is different in its own unique way, be it the coach, weather, atmosphere, etc. When I look back at the Tri-Cities Maven Sessions, I will think of my mom wakeboarding for her first time. Throughout the Maven Sessions I had been hesitant to try a different board for fear that I might not like it. At the Bakes stop, I took Barrett’s advice and demo’ed the 136 Jett. What a difference it made! I felt like I was getting massive pop off the wake. It was unlike any board I had ridden. Working at Bakes, I had been anticipating the Maven Sessions for some time. Every girl that came in the shop heard about how fun and beneficial the clinics were. Girls began getting excited about the Maven Sessions, calling the shop for more information on registration. It was great to see all the ladies, who I’d been networking with all summer, out on the water.


BAKES MAVEN Session - 1st Group


BAKES MAVEN Session - 2nd Group

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Maven as “one who is experienced or knowledgeable.” The ladies at Liquid Force are connoisseurs of women’s wakeboarding, giving excellent instruction, while providing an encouraging atmosphere to ride in. Thank you to the ladies at Liquid Force for making the Maven Sessions so memorable. Also, thank you to Bakes for giving the attendees 15% off all Liquid Force gear, as well as providing our Malibu boats for the day. Congrats to all the ladies who attended the Northwest Maven Sessions. Keep ripping; we hope to see you next summer!

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  1. Bess Says:

    Sweet pics Bryan, I can’t wait to see the gallery! Great job to all the ladies who came out. I’m already counting down the months until next summer!!

  2. Christa Says:

    Dang Bess I must say this day was rad. Could’ve had better water conditions but you win some ya lose some. Can’t wait for the gallery either! 11 months till next Maven! :-)

  3. Ashley Says:

    I miss it every year! :(

    next year!…

  4. Bill Baker _ BAKES Says:

    I’m glad we could be part of this. Too bad I will never get to go to one…all girls and such. The more women get involved in the sport the better. I’ll keep helping out as long as you ladies want to keep riding. Stop in and say hello anytime, you are alway welcome! B.

  5. Andrea Fountain Says:

    Wanted to let the team know that I made The Guinness World Book Record for Oldest Wake Board Competiter. Thank you, for coming to S.M.L. Where can I send some pictures and copy of certificate to Andrea Fountain and ALL who visit and I shared a great time at Smith mountain lake a few years back?
    Linda Brown

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