Alex Scagliotti Takes NorCal WWA Title at Villa Lagos

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted under General, Riders

Photos Provided By Randy Scagliotti


Over the weekend Alex Scagliotti won the last stop of the NorCal WWA at Villa Lagos, taking the overall season title. During the 4 stop series he placed 1st three times and once 2nd. The Northwest represented well this past weekend with Alex placing 1st, Spencer Norris of WIT Productions taking 2nd in Expert, and Rob Carter winning the slider contest.


The Nor Cal WWA uses a “freestyle expression session format” with four passes or 3 falls. Slider and kickers can be used in this format.

Scoring Criteria:
Riders will be judged on the difficulty and proficiency of the moves executed, how big they are going, variety of moves preformed, and on the creativity and fluidity of the routine. A maximum of 100 points can be earned for the routine. The judges will score the contestants in each of the following three categories:

33.3Points - Execution
This reflects the level of technical difficulty and perfection of each maneuver performed, as well as the successful completion of the entire run with a minimum of falls.

33.4 Points - Intensity
This reflects the degree of performance to which each maneuver was preformed in terms of how big the moves were, as well as the overall performance of the run.

33.3 Points - Composition
This reflects the overall composition of the run in terms of riders ability to perform a variety of maneuvers in flowing, creative sequence.

If you have not made the trip to a NorCal WWA stop to compete or as a spectator make it a priority next season. There is a great wake scene throughout NorCal and the central part of the state. The WWA promotes the free ride aspect of our sport and is conducive to a family friendly environment.

Last year I attended stop #4 of the NorCal WWA series and was taken back by the amount of families and riders that showed up. Riders and event supporters drove up to 6 hours away just to participate. I was welcomed by all of the local riders and folks that were there. All who attended set up camp on the shore of the lake while others drove their campers for the weekend. The shoreline was packed with campfires and folks telling wake stories alike. If you are able to attend a NorCal WWA event in the future you’ll be inspired by the wake community that has been built over the years.


Shown Above : Spencer Norris & Shawna and Raequel Hoffman

3 Responses to “Alex Scagliotti Takes NorCal WWA Title at Villa Lagos”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Congratulations on taking the series title Alex.

    Props to “spizzle” on his 2nd place and Rob Carter winning the Slider contest.

    It was great to film with you in Central Washington a few weeks ago with Spencer and the rest of the NW Riders.

    * Check back on soon for a recap and multiple galleries shot on location with Spencer Norris of WIT Productions while filming his NEW video. Alex Scagliotti, Rob Carter, Brandon Robins, and Thomas Olson were all on the trip. The backdrops were epic.

  2. Jason Says:

    Good job Alex, Spencer, Rob and everyone else from the NW that placed well. Hopefully it was a fun event.

  3. Allison Scag Says:

    Right on, Alex. You make our family proud. Keep kicking righteous ass.

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