Alex Scagliotti Update : Coaching, Contests, and Filming

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Photos by : Bryan Myss

Words by Alex Scagliotti

This is what has been happening so far this summer. It started off with me making the move to Orlando, Florida from March-June (love the NW but you can’t ignore the climate). I was an instructor at O-Town which has helped my riding more than anything else so far in my riding career. I definitely got a little spoiled living on a lake, with warm weather, flat water, big wakes, and other riders to push me. The ever present alligators also gave me a little more incentive not to fall. My favorite part about working at the O-Town Water Sports was that every week it seemed like we had someone new from another country. Whether it was hanging out with campers from Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Switzerland, Japan, Holland or one of the many other countries that visited, it was always a good time. For a Northwest boy who has never traveled outside this country it was crazy to be exposed to so much international flavor. It was awesome to see the new campers coming into the camp but I hated seeing them go.

As soon as I came back to Oregon from O-Town in Orlando, Florida, I immediately went to Lake Shasta for a houseboat trip sponsored by CWB and Epic Boats. We had riding from Nick Jones, Rob Carter, Chris Craig, the Hoffman sisters (Shawna and Raequel), Derek Cook, and myself. Spencer Norris (W.I.T. Productions) was filming for his next video and Sean Watson taking photos. It was a fun trip for sure and even though the weather didn’t cooperate the whole time we still made the most out of it. Got some sick riding in, and every rider brought something new to the table. Spencer should have a short video teaser in the weeks ahead with some of the Shasta footage.

Contests : So far I’ve qualified (top 18) for the Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT) for my last year in Jr. Mens and have been hovering around mid-pac all year. I am eager to ride in the last stop on the 2008 PWT, Reno. In the Tige’ Pro Am in Portland, Oregon I placed 3rd in Jr. Mens which was great to podium in my home state. I plan to ride a lot more contests throughout this summer so we’ll see how I finish the season. After the Phoenix PWT stop I had a chance to shoot with Greg Weatherall for a few sets. Check out his site :

Apart from contests, I’ve continued to coach at ELEVATE Wakeboard Camp this summer for my 6th consecutive year and it’s a treat every camp session. Being an instructor / lead coach at ELEVATE is one of the most rewarding things I get to do in my summers because I love giving back and helping out young wakeboarders the same way I was helped in my earlier days. Whether they are learning to get up for the first time, or learning their first flip, spin or mobe, its awesome to see the students do something for the first time. They have such a “stoke” for wakeboarding which is what got me so into this sport when I began to ride. I have also been doing private and group lessons throughout the Northwest and will continue to travel around so if you have any questions about lessons feel free to contact me at :

For questions about Elevate Wakeboard Camp visit :
(or email me).

* Read Alex’s past write up about ELEVATE : Click Here.

That’s my story so far this summer but there’s plenty to come and i’m sure you’ll be seeing more from me later on this summer. I want to thank my family, friends, Jordan Stead (Hyperlite), Steve Goetz (Imperial Motion), Jared Holmes (Active Water Sports), Jeff Wheeler (Straight Line), O’Neill, and for their continued support and sponsorship.



Check out photo galleries and a video teaser below featuring Alex Scagliotti :

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    Good to hear things are going well Alex. Nice work on the story, not many wakeboarders can spell. Nice work on your grammar!

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