AWS Fall Classic Wakeboard Tournament This Sunday

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted under General


* Saturday I know Slingshot will be at Koppert Lake so venture down there to demo their new gear. The on lake pro-shop has other industry brands to demo including Liquid Force.

About Koppert Lake :

Koppert Lake is a man-made facility designed exclusively for water skiing and wakeboarding. The lake features a specially engineered shoreline and turn islands on each end to dissipate boat wakes ensuring a glassy surface on each pass. The lake has a slalom course, jump ramp, as well as a slider park modeled after those used on the Pro Wakeboard Tour. Conditions are so ideal that local filmmaker Jared Eygabroad used Koppert Lake to film his wakeboard movies Good Times and Good Times 2 as well as his new movie, GODSPEED.

Located five minutes off Interstate 5 at exit 63 in beautiful Toledo, WA, Koppert Lake is one hour north of Portland and 1.5 hours south of Seattle. Amenities at the Lake include a slalom course, wakeboard slider park, full service pro shop, and on-water instruction. Contact Us for any addition questions.

Koppert Lake offers an almost endless amount of services. You might enjoy laying at the edge of the lake soaking in the sun. Or you may prefer to perfect your water ski or wakeboard skills with one of our instructors. When you’re done doing that, there is always something else to enjoy.

Directions to Koppert Lake :

To get to Koppert Lake from Portland, drive North on Interstate 5. At exit #63 in Washington, travel east to Henreiot Rd (first left). Then travel north to Pine Tree Rd (first right). Follow the signs to Koppert Lake from that point on. Portland to Koppert Lake is approximately one hour.

To get to Koppert Lake from Seattle, drive South on Interstate 5. At exit #63 in Washington, travel east to Henreiot Rd (first left). Then travel north to Pine Tree Rd (first right). Follow the signs to Koppert Lake from that point on. Seattle to Koppert Lake is approximately one and a half hours.

For additional information, you are more than welcome to contact Active Water Sports.

Koppert Lake
215 Pine Tree Rd.
Toledo, WA 98591

Call Koppert Lake at 360.864.4137.

Also feel free to reach AWS in Beaverton at 503.643.5018 or in Oregon City at 503.650.5991.

14 Responses to “AWS Fall Classic Wakeboard Tournament This Sunday”

  1. Chris C Says:

    Just got done filming with Jared down there. It was a great trip with some really good stuff cought on tape. There were some new land gap rail built as well as so winching done. Thanks Jared.

  2. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Open winners?

  3. Chris C Says:

    The open class
    1st- Bret V
    2nd- Nick Ennen
    3rd- Chris Craig

    1st- Nick Ennen
    2nd-Robby Carter
    3rd-Chris Craig

  4. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Thanks Chris, congrats on your 2 podiums.

  5. james day Says:

    wish i could of been there… Minnesotas gettn cold

  6. Chris Schmidt Says:

    Dang I need to get my butt back on this site on a more regular basis. Sorry that I’ve been absent guys. I just moved to Moses Lake. Let me know when the crew wants to come down and hang/camp and ride!

    Randy why didn’t Alex ride?

  7. Nick H. Says:

    Chris you moved to Moses Lake? I am in Ellensburg if you ever want to go ride!

  8. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Chris he’s been down with a bad viral infection, doc said no riding, he had to scratch the INT Nationals & the Tige, Sucks!!!! How is your baby girl doing?

  9. Chris Schmidt Says:

    Nick I moved at the end of August. I’m catching all the cold weather right now. Are you going to school in Ellensburg??? Jason and I just caught a set on Friday with Randall. We should stay in touch and see if we can get out and ride! I’d love to catch a set with you.

    Randy, that sucks! I bet Alex is bummed out! I was going to head down this year, but with the big move from Lake Stevens just killed me. Little Berkely is doing awesome. She will be 8 months this month. So another month or so I’ll have her on a board!!! My oldest is starting to get back into riding a little more. She went out on Sunday for her first drysuit experience. She loved it!!!

    Keep in touch guys!

  10. Zack Says:

    Chris in Moses Lake now huh…I have some family there. I will have to swing through next time I head over. Keep in touch!

  11. Nick H. Says:

    Ya I am in Ellensburg going to school. Some of the wakeboard club went out at Vantage today behind a friend of the clubs’ boat. It was so glassy. Anyways give me a call anytime to ride. I’ll come out with a full gas can.
    - Nick

  12. Chris Schmidt Says:

    Zack - Yeah made the big move. I did keep my house in Lake Stevens just in case i didn’t work out. I need some more stickers. Let me know what it will cost me and I’ll shoot you some cash.

    Nick - I rode both Saturday and Sunday on butter! It was 65 and 70 all weekend. If I had your number I would have called. Let’s stay in touch and try and ride soon.

  13. Zack Says:

    Chris: Shoot me over your mailing address. Email it to

  14. Bryan Says:

    i have alot of photos from the spring classic if you want them? just holla at me

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