BAKES NWI 2007 : Recap & Results

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Words: Zack Clark
Photos: Bryan Myss

The Bakes Northwest Wakeboard Invitational has quickly become the largest wakeboarding event in the state of Washington in just three short years. Each year it draws the Northwest’s top talent, large crowds, and serves up some of the best action all season. The 2007 event did not disappoint drawing in riders from Washington and Oregon pushing each other for a chance to claim a piece of the $3,250 in cash up for grabs.

The winner of the very first Bakes NWI was Nick Jones and was followed up the next year with a finals showdown between Jones and local veteran Bret van den Heuvel…simply known as Bret V to most of his friends and fans. Unfortunately the pair would not be able to square off this day due to a foot injury nagging Jones from earlier in the season. Bret V would defend his title against a list of Northwest elite.


Judges : Jared Eygabroad, Spencer Norris, and Sean Kilgus - Boat Driver : Eric Sund

The 1st round consisted of three double ups per rider with the top hit counting. The Double Ups were scored based upon amplitude, technicality, and style. A large stylish trick could potentially take out a more technical trick awarding a well-rounded rider the possibility of a higher score. Judging the event were Northwest based filmers Sean Kilgus (Bent Felix, The Butter Effect), Jared Eygabroad (The Good Times 1 & 2), and Spencer Norris (The Arrival). Only eight of the twelve riders would move on to the 2nd round. The scores were close with fierce competition early and a double Tantrum attempt by newcomer Nick Haisch nearly being landed which would have taken trick of the day. The top eight from round one were seeded and placed in a head-to-head format with high seed taking on low seed for the remaining


Rider : Thomas Olson - Heelside 540


Bret van den Heuvel: Backside Off-Axis 360
Mike Ennen: Heelside 540
Rob Carter: Backside 360
Brandon Robins: Heelside 360
Chris Craig: Heelside 720
Thomas Olson: Heelside 540
Sam Cole: Heelside 360
Mike Cardoza: No Score
Jeff Ward: Backroll
Jeff Fabiani: Indy Tantrum
Nick Haisch: Raley
Rob Dahlquist: Heelside 360


Mike Ennen (1) vs. Jeff Fabiani (8)
Chris Craig (2) vs. Brandon Robins (7)
Rob Carter (3) vs. Sam Cole (6)
Thomas Olson (4) vs. Bret V (5)

The second round was where the competition got interesting. The early round saw Lake Washington fairly calm with the sky staying somewhat cloudy and the wind not coming into play. As the clouds broke and the sun shown through it brought boat traffic and wind chop. The riders had to get more strategic with their tricks and work that much harder to time the massive double ups. The wakes were being served up by the Northwest Riders Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV being driven with precision in the narrow closed course by Eric Sund. In round 2 the riders would have one less double up making them step up and take more risk with less room for error.


Rider : Rob Carter - Indy Glide


Jeff Fabiani (8): No Score (HS 360 Fall / KGB Fall)
Mike Ennen (1): Heelside 540 / Roll to Blind

Brandon Robins (7): HS Off-Axis 360
Chris Craig (2): HS Off-Axis 540

Sam Cole (6): No Score (Miss / HS 540 Fall)
Rob Carter (3): Indy Glide

Bret V (5): Backside Off-Axis Melan 360
Thomas Olson (4): No Score (HS 720 Fall / HS 720 Fall)


Mike Ennen (1) vs. Rob Carter (3)
Chris Craig (2) vs. Bret V (5)

Round three produced veteran versus up-and-comer in both brackets. Mike Ennen and Bret V were riding the most consistent while Craig was the only rider to this point landing a 720 and Carter was weaving his way through challengers with big solid tricks. Three of the final four would stand on the podium and the pressure was on as the waters got even rougher and the pressure got higher for the third round.

Rob Carter was first off the dock in round three and even though he stuck his first trick he had to up the ante not knowing what Mike Ennen had on tap. Hitting the double up a little awkwardly threw Carter off enough that he could not stick his attempt at a Pete Rose. Ennen had some similar trouble on his first trick and that left the pressure squarely on his shoulders for his last and final hit. Being the veteran he is…he moved through to the finals with a solid 540. The defending champ came in as the underdog seeded at number five. Whether he was feeling the pressure or not, Bret V got the crowd into it as he rounded the corner and set the bar with a big backside grabbed 360. Craig answered with solid style points for his tricks but Bret V came out on top with his own brand of style mixed with more amplitude and tech…the perfect recipe the judges were looking for. In the end, Carter and Craig were trumped by the seasoned veterans and would have a ride-off to see who would stand at 3rd place on the podium. This left the finals as a match up between past Western Washington Collegiate Champions and former teammates Bret van den Heuvel and Mike Ennen.


Rider : Mike Ennen - Heelside Nose Grab 540


Rob Carter (3): Poked Indy Glide / Pete Rose Fall
Mike Ennen (1): Backroll Fall / Heelside Nose Grab 540

Bret V (5): Staleglide / Backside Off-Axis Melan 360
Chris Craig (2): Nosegrab Roll to Revert / Heelside 360

The ride for third had Carter and Craig coming out and nearly sticking identical runs. Both riders made sure they scored with backside 360’s and then followed with a 540. In a (2) versus (3) match fans expected a close one and they got just that. Coming out on top with a more technical 540 was Chris Craig who had the advantage of being second off the dock. Craig knew he had to top Carter’s Toeside 540 and went for his heelside scoring just a few more points to earn a hard fought third on the day.


Chris Craig (2) vs. Rob Carter (3)


Rob Carter (3): Backside 360 / Toeside 540
Chris Craig (2): Backside 360 / Heelside 540

Both Bret V and Mike Ennen have been some of the most well known and talented riders to ever come out of Washington State. They grew up riding together in contests and free riding and now sat across from each other to battle it out for the 2007 Bakes NWI championship. Bret V came into the finals as the underdog based on earlier round seeding, but came into the overall competition as the defending champion from 2006. Mike Ennen was the most consistent on the day sticking more difficult tricks round to round. It was anybody’s guess as to who would come out on top. Bret V hit the largest double ups of the day with an enormous Indy Frontflip landing well into the flats and holding the grab all the way through the trick. Bret V had once again stepped it up and placed the fate of the championship into Ennen’s hands. Ennen did not hold back at all going for 720 after 720 but not riding away on his attempts. Bret van den Heuvel once again showed his years of experience defending his crown as the 2007 Bakes NWI champion.


Mike Ennen (1) vs. Bret V (5)


Bret V (5): Backside 360 Fall / Indy Front / Staleglide
Mike Ennen (1): Backside 720 Fall / Heelside 720 Fall / Heelside 720 Fall


Rider : Bret van den Heuvel - Indy Front


1st- Bret van den Heuvel ($1,000)
2nd- Mike Ennen ($500)
3rd- Chris Craig ($250)

Biggest Air- Bret van den Heuvel ($750)
Best Trick - Chris Craig ($750)


Gallery 1 - Gallery 2 - Gallery 3

Gallery 4 - Gallery 5 - Gallery 6

Check out the BAKES 2007 NWI Photo Galleries.

Special Thanks to:
Bakes Marine Center, Bakes Board & Ski, John Thorburn and the NMTA, Greg Young and Northwest Riders Clothing Co., Justin Meyer of Slingshot Wakeboards, CWB Board Co., Titan Wake Accessories, John Rutherford Jr. (Sea Doo), Matt van den Heuvel (MC), Sean Kilgus (Judge), Jared Eygabroad (Judge), Spencer Norris (Judge), Eric Sund (Driver), Riley Poor, Red Bull, Karate Kitchen(, With Honest Eyes (


10 Responses to “BAKES NWI 2007 : Recap & Results”

  1. Chris Schmidt Says:

    It looks like it was a great turn out! I wish I could have made it, but the kid wanted to ride in the Aquafest tournament in Lake Stevens.

    So what’s this I hear about a double tantrum attempt by Nick Haisch????? How close??? That’s incredible!!!

  2. Zack Says:

    Would have loved to see you guys out…but you played the “Good Dad” and that is a valid excuse for me.

    Nick just tossed a random Double Tantrum attempt on his last hit in the first round. He just barely missed hitting the double up clean…if he had tucked in a bit and hit it solid he would have landed it…We were all floored by that one…

    Much respect Nick!!!

  3. Nick H. Says:

    Hey thanks guys, I’ve been wanting to try that for a while and that seemed like a good time. I am going to go out later today and try a couple more, see if I can stick one. That was a super fun contest thanks a ton for the invite.

    - Nick

  4. Chris Schmidt Says:


    Yeah Taylor wanted to compete and she never received her invitation to ride in the double up contest. So we went with the next best thing. Are you going to have any pics or vid’s up?

    Nick - Tell me someone got some footage of the attempt? I need to see it!!! That’s awesome man! You just keep getting better and better every time I see you ride.

  5. Zack Says:

    What…Taylor didn’t get her invite!? I thought she was just doggin’ us thinkin she was too big of a name for our event…

    Photo galleries will be added soon.
    Riley was there filming so I am hoping he got something…

  6. Bryan Says:

    Congrats to Bret V, Mike Ennen, and Chris Craig on their podiums.

    Bret V’s Indy Front and Stale Glide were huge in the finals…..

    This years NWI was a great event. Many thanks to the riders that competed and supported each other throughout the contest. It was really cool to see the folks that showed up to watch the NWI as well…. a lot of families and friends were in attendance.

    Photo galleries on the way….

  7. Chris Schmidt Says:


    We were really dissapointed that she didn’t receive one. We thought it may have got lost in the mail. . .

    Sweet! I’m stoked to see the gallery.

    I’ll call Riley to see if he got some good footage. I know for a fact that my boy Bryan got some good shots. So I’ll sit at work doing nothing just waiting in anticipation!

  8. randy Says:

    Congrats to Bret V, Mikey & Chris, looks like my home boy Robby C. just missed the $…..

  9. Jeff F. Says:

    This weekend’s comp was great! Congrats to all the winners! Thanks so much for the invite, I had a blast.


  10. Ryan_B Says:

    Too bad I missed it. I was up at Stevens for Aquafest instead. Sounds like I missed some sweet moves.

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