Big Perm…Nick Jones is Back

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 by Zack | Posted under General, Riders

I received an email the other day from Nick Jones and I’m pretty sure I could feel how pumped Nick was just in reading the words on my screen. Since moving to Seattle in 2005, Nick has been one of the top riders that I have really enjoyed going out on the lake with and even more so, just hanging out with. As many of you know, Nick had a bad foot injury a few years back and was struggling to get back to his old self as the foot kept throwing kink after kink in his riding. This year has really been a good show that he is back to old form in a whole new way…bringing us back to his email.

Nick recently landed a trick that has never been done. He dubbed it the “Big Perm,” which is a pretty funny play on the current trick named the “Big Worm” crossed with Nick’s signature curly hair that sits atop his head and has become a bit of an identifier for him.

A note from Nick:

“I’m pretty excited right now about a lot of things with wakeboarding. For starters, yesterday I landed a “big Perm”, which has possibly never been done before on a wakeboard. Some have speculated that Brandon Johnson landed it about 10 years ago, but never got it on footage. I asked some of the more respected guys in the industry, who have been in it since day one, and they’ve agreed that its only speculation that it was ever landed before. So, I’m pretty stoked on the whole thing, and stoked I got it on video! Quality isn’t all there, but good enough to see the trick. It’s a toeside frontflip 720, or like an ollay crow 7! On top of that, I’m sitting on a plane right now on my way to Brazil for the 2nd World Series stop! Last month I was able to spend a week in Manaus, Brazil, which is in the northern part of the country. Now, we’re traveling to Belo Horizonte, which is in the southern part, next to San Paulo. I’ve been told the water here is a little cold because the seasons are opposite those of the northern hemisphere, so they’re beginning winter as we begin summer. I’ll be updating with pics as frequent as I can get internet.”

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  1. Chad D. Says:

    YA NICK! Miss ya in the NW, but glad you’re healthy and killing it again!

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