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Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted under General, Riders

Photos by Bryan Myss
Location : Lake Tapps, WA



Gallery Locations : Lake Tapps, WA - Central, WA


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13 Responses to “Brandon Robins Photo Gallery”

  1. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    That first shot with the grab is steller, what is the Mt. in the back ground. Nice work Brandon & Bryan

  2. Bryan Says:

    Mt. Rainer. We were driving the boats south on an arm of Lake Tapps towards the mountain…..unreal backdrops. Lake Tapps is Brandon’s home lake…..

    Thanks for the props Randy. I am working on galleries for each rider from the Central Washington filming trip with Spencer along with a full recap.

    How’s Alex doing ? Feeling any better ?

  3. Chizzad Says:

    Great photos Bryan, and great riding Brandon! Some of those shots were very vivid with great lighting and backdrops! Nice work boys!

  4. Bryan Says:

    Chad - Thanks for the comment.

    Had a great time watching these guys freeride for Spencer’s new flick. Alex, Rob, and TO also threw down some unreal sets. I am finishing the next gallery over the weekend.

    Once the SNOW dumps in the mountains, let’s rally a crew of folks and go ride. Can’t believe we did not get a few sets in this summer…..

    Are you 100% healthy now ?

  5. Chizzad Says:

    I would love to get up on the mountain for some riding time! I am picking up a pass at Stevens but will be hitting some of the other local mountains here and there. I am about 80% got to ride a few times this past month or so, but could only go like 2 or 3 days a week before I’d be hurting pretty bad. Hoepfully with some crosstraining and therapy stuff I’ll be at 100% by the time the snow melts… Hope all is well!

  6. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    You guys need to plan a road trip to Centeral Oregon, the fluffy stuff is on the east side of the cascades you know. You guys know your hooked up for a place to stay. Glad to hear your getting better Chad.

  7. Chris Schmidt Says:

    Miss you Chad!! Get your butt over to Moses to ride!

  8. B-rob Says:

    Thanks for the props Randy I had a great time riding with Alex over in central WA a few weeks ago!! Some good times im sure we will be riding more and having more with you Oregon boys we might just have to make a trip down to do some snowboarding and skiing this winter should be a good one!! I hope we can have some more shots on lake tapps the shots that we got were nothing compared to some that i have seen on the lake the Mt. is really in the back yard and i have never seen any like it. Chad i hope your all good to go by next summer and i hope to see you on the hill this year!!!!! Hope all is well with everyone

  9. Miguel Says:

    I’ve been developing some cat repellent for those cats that keep getting in the boat, I’m looking for some local rippers to sponsor and you are the first on my list.

  10. Bess Says:

    Great pics Bryan! And B-rob, tearing it up like always! Keep up the good work, hope to see you guys soon!!

  11. Trever Waller Says:

    Cat repellents would do good when there are cats a round, and repell them when there aren’t any cats a round, let me tell you. I have always been a fan of you Mr. Robins, you are one triumphent man! I spend great deal of time watching you on the lake of tapps. Keep on Rippin!

  12. theresa Says:

    I was just wondering if this was the same brandon robins that was in a head on collision last weekend. My husband, brother and cousin were the first to come up on the accident with my family following close behind. We wanted to know how he was and if he was recovering.

  13. Zack Says:

    Yes it is Theresa. We posted a small notice:

    We’ll be updating and also setting up a fund to help Brandon with his medical costs.

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