Brandon Robins the Miracle Man

Posted on Thursday, July 16th, 2009 by Zack | Posted under General, Riders


I got the chance to go and visit Brandon yesterday as he has already been moved out of the ICU! The doctors have labeled him the Miracle boy. They said that where he is at this point should have taken at least 3 months. God is healing B up double time!

He was super alert and his attitude was amazing. Positive, smiling and laughing at times, and the same old B-Rob we know and love. He may even be released much sooner than expected. That’s not to say he doesn’t still have a long recovery ahead…but knowing him he will turn long into much shorter than expected. Brandon did end up having his right foot amputated. This means he has some learning coming up with a new prosthetic. I know he will be back on the water and the mountain in no time as he told me just that! Please keep praying for his healing and recovery.

Brandon will have some medical costs for various things as you can imagine. Bakes has setup a donation fund for Brandon. If you would like to read more on that and donate to the fund, please visit

God Bless…please keep the prayers for healing and recovery coming for B.

Zack Clark


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  1. Thomas Olson Says:

    B-ROB hope all is well!!! ill be prayin for you dog!

  2. Nick Jones Says:

    Yeah B-rob!! Stoked to hear the high spirits! Everyone down in Florida from the NW has been thinking about you alot and are stoked to hear the recovery is on track. Hope to see you when i’m back in the NW, keep it up buddy.

  3. Eric Willingham Says:

    I about cried this morning when my wife called and he doesn’t know B except by name. At 19 he was the only person who could ride a VLX how it was designed.

    Hope to be able to help

  4. Travis Says:

    Just said a prayer for you Brandon. Keep your head up as God has big plans for you still buddy.

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