Chris Craig Takes a Knee

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As you may or may not have already heard, Northwest staple Chris Craig recently took the “initiation” many a wakeboarder does with the first major injury of his career.† He did a number on his knee that ended his season back in October.† We asked Chris about the knee and where he goes from here.† Have a read below.

WBNW: You received your first major injury in wakeboarding toward the end of the season.† What happened?

CC: It was October 22nd and I was riding with Tom Olson and filming for ďOne Eye Shut.Ē I cased the wake on a Toe Seven.

WBNW: What went through your head when you realized you blew your knee?† It was the end of the season for wake, but near the start for snow…so I imagine a good/bad timing for it to occur.

CC: Yea, snowboarding has always been one of my favorite things to do, so I will miss it this year. Itís always fun to go up to the pass and not care about learning something new or riding for a camera. Even with the loss of the snow season my injury could not have happen in any better circumstances. I won’t have any longer of an off season from wakeboarding, and I hate to say it, but I was kind of expecting something like this to happen to me. Riding so much all the time, it was almost bound to happen, so I am glad that it is over…I hope!

WBNW: Was there much pain involved when the injury happened or was it more just an emotional letdown?

CC: It hurt bad for the first ten seconds and then the pain went away.† I couldnít walk on it or bend it, but as long as I didnít have to do anything then it was all good. Emotionally I am a strong believer in the whole “everything happens for a reason.” I try to not let things get to me and know that something good is going to come from this. Life is a lot easer if you donít let the small stuff get to you.

WBNW: How did the surgery go?

CC: The surgery went really good. The doctor said at first when he went to fix my meniscus that he couldnít find it. It had flipped up and was resting behind my femur.


WBNW: Are you currently in physical therapy and have you received a recovery timeframe?

CC: I started PT on November 7th,†and so far so good. Nobody will give me a straight answer†on how long it will be until I† am able to get back on the water. I have heard everything from 6-months to a year. I think that they don’t want to tell me the wrong thing and get my hopes up. I am going to do my best to be back on the board by March.

WBNW: What has kept you busy while you have been injured?

CC: Well I am going to school taking some online classes and I also got a Nintendo Wii. So if anyone wants to come over and get their butt kicked at bowling then bring it on.

WBNW: Will the footage of the injury make it into the new “One Eye Shut” film?

CC: I donít know. Spencer Norris got it on film, but I donít know if it made it in the video.

WBNW: Are you planning on riding with a knee brace in the future?

CC: I will ride with a brace for as long as I need to. I definitely donít want to re-injure myself.†

WBNW: Your growth as a rider has been pretty evident for anyone that has been around you enough over the past†three years.† Does an injury/setback like this make you more motivated to continue that growth or does it intimidate you at all as you anticipate getting back on a board?


CC: When I injured my knee it wasnít like I was doing anything crazy or trying to learn a new trick. If that was the case though, I think that I might be a little apprehensive to try that certain trick again. So no…this injury has really motivated me to get back on the water and start pushing myself to become a better wakeboarder. I really want to go to Florida this spring and train for the 2008 season.

WBNW: Shout outs…thank yous…?

CC: Thomas Olson for carrying me to the car when it happened, Mom and Dad for taking good care of me, all my friends who took the time to come and hang out with me when I was stuck on the couch, Dr. Champoux for fixing me up real good, Wakeboard Northwest for giving me some love when I am down, all my sponsors, Bakes Board and Ski, Malibu Boats, Pita Pit, Ten-80, OíBrien, Samson, Arnette, the Donagan family, and both Jared Eygabroad and Spencer Norris for putting me in their videos.

WBNW: Any extra thoughts, input, etc?

CC: Go hangout with friends that are sick or stuck on the couch, it means a lot to them and it gets really boring doing nothing all day.

WBNW: Thanks Chris.† Get better and get back on the water.† Looking forward to seeing you progress even more.† Keep rocking that signature Northwest style.

15 Responses to “Chris Craig Takes a Knee”

  1. Chad Says:

    Sorry to hear about the knee injury for Chris. Hope it’s a speedy recovery and that you are back at 100% early in 2008.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  2. spizzle nizzle Says:

    im thinking about putting together just a fun little video of all the northwest guys and all the fun stuff that we did through out the filming. including crashes and what not and i will put chris crash into that. hope your feeling well chris. sorry i havent been able to come up and hang out with you yet but i have been mad busy just trying to get everything hemmed up for the premier

  3. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Sorry to hear about the injury Chris, between Robbys arm, Nicks foot and now your knee seems like a lot of our top riders going down on 07. Good luck with your recovery. Hope to see you at the premier next week.

  4. sean watson Says:

    Chris get off the couch! Geez you act like your hurt or something. Get on a plane and meet Rick and I in Costa Rica!

    Oh he tell your parents hi.

  5. Ashley Says:

    Babe get better now!!!!!!!!!!! love u.

  6. Kim & Ellen Says:

    Hi Chris, sounds pretty bad that injury. How is my old roomie doing ? Good to hear its going much better after the injury. I can kick your ass anytime….. I’m the wii bowling champion, just ask your mom and dad, ha, ha.
    Merry Christmas from Nice and take care,
    Ellen & Kim

  7. Chris C Says:

    Thank all of you for your support.

  8. Thomas O Says:

    i carried him to the car dodging dock poo and such…i was super bummed cause we were both having good sets that day. hope recovery is god for you bro

  9. Nick Jones Says:

    sure chris’s injury takes him away from wakeboarding, but atleast it doesn’t take him away from whats important in life. . . . Wii. Last week we matched wits at Wii sports, and his skills were polished nicely. Unfortunately for chris, i’ve been out of it for awhile longer, so Wii tennis, along with baseball were mine. But his bowling is something to be reckoned with. Anyways, hope the recovery goes well, and that ur practicin for ur trip down. My roommate just got acouple more games, so let me tell u. . . . its on!
    -Good luck with recovery bro, had an awsome time hangin out with ya when i was in town and stoked to see ya at the boat show.

  10. Chris Craig Says:

    Nick you know I will own you at tony hawk! just got it, its so hard but so fun

  11. Chris Craig Says:

    O-yea I think i am ready to take you on in tennis now. Are you ready to lose your title?

  12. Nick Jones Says:

    bro, there is no way i will ever lose at tennis. its a done deal

  13. christine ripley Says:

    hey chris sorry to hear about your injury! i’m a boarder down here in sunny florida. i am a good friend of your dad and grandpa robbs. i looked for you at surf expo, but u were a no show. hope to see this spring in florida aloha christine

  14. christine ripley Says:

    oh p.s. give your dad a birthday hug and hi from me! christine

  15. Jim Hardy Says:

    Dude! I have to keep in better touch! The knee injury sucks but like everything you do… it all will come lax. Peace Lil Bro.

    check my website and leave a comment!

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