Company Rolls Out Its First Goods

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Press Release: Company Wakeboards

Company Wakeboards is proud to announce that the wait is over and that the warehouse doors are officially opening for mass retail consumption. Company’s Super Limited 138 wakeboard, along with their entire line of T-shirts and hoodies, will be among some of the first products out the door this week.

Company’s Super Limited board features a special edition graphic and is a limited run of our first 100 boards off of the line, EVER. Each board will be numbered and signed by co-founder Justin Stephens, and represents the launch of a new era in wakeboarding.

This board is heavily skate and snow influenced in its design and desires to be utilized for smooth straight airs, controlled spins, double ups and rail dancing. It’s three-stage snap will get you that kick that you can bank on and will set you back down on the water without sending you into shock like other boards. It does it all!

Super Limited Specs:

  • Length = 138 cm
  • Rocker Type = 3 stage
  • Width = 43.3 cm / 17.04
  • Fin Configuration = (2) G10, 6in X .75 in. fins on each tip.
  • Center fin = no
  • Level = Intermediate
  • MSRP = $479.00

All “Company” boards include:

  • Advanced composite blend technology that helps control the way the board rides, from the inside out.
  • CNC machined cores that contain the perfect ratio of vertically laminated aspen wood stringers and high end PVC foam. (same foam that other brands use in their super expensive, high end boards.)
  • Super durable, poplar reinforced PMU 4060 base material. Kills it on rails, and slips through the water the way a board should.
  • Super tough, ABS side-walls. You have the ability to customize and tune your rails to your preference.
  • Company 4 hole, and industry 6 inch hole pattern insert pack for the ultimate binding compatibility situation. We want people to have options.
  • Made in the USA with an extensive quality control process.

The “Super Limited”, along with the rest of Company’s inaugural line of boards, are sure to revolutionize the way wakeboards are built. For more information on purchasing your very own “Super Limited”, or for information on any other Company products, please e-mail

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  1. jr Says:

    I just want to ask if the 2009 liquid force soven bindings with the super ltd company wakeboard? Tnx

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