Kilgus Films DRIVE in the NW - Shooting Starts Today

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted under DRIVE The Video, General, Media, Riders


Sean Kilgus, of BFY Productions, has brought us numerous wake videos that we all know and watch over and over. He has filmed with the world’s best riders, and still has stayed true to his Northwest roots by calling Seattle, WA his home. Kilgus has been filming his NEW video DRIVE over the last couple months. During his filming trips to Arizona and Orlando he has already captured some unreal footage for the new video. I haven’t see Kilgus this fired up to make a film. He truly has a new passion and ambition to bring us another groundbreaking wake video.

I am sitting here at his house right now with three of the most influencial riders in the sport today. Ben Greenwood, Jeff Mckee, and Randall Harris have all ventured to the Northwest to film for the next 5 days throughout the state of Washington.

Pending access to a wi-fi signal while on the road, I intend on bringing you a daily recap from the riders and a few photos to show you a behind the scenes viewpoint of the filming trip.

Ben Greenwood -

“Waking up on our first morning here in the N-dubs, my internal clock is a little angry with me due to the fact that I haven’t spent more than 5 days in a row in a consistent time zone so far this summer. Korea, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Chicago, Ireland, now here. This trip is one that I have looked forward to for a few months, getting to ride with two of my favorite people/riders in the sport, Jeff and Randall, and film with my long-time buddy Kilgus. The light is good, so we gotta bounce.”


4 Responses to “Kilgus Films DRIVE in the NW - Shooting Starts Today”

  1. spizzle nizzle Says:

    hes my idol holla holla

  2. Spence Says:

    Stop by Wakeside if you are in the Portland area. Would like to see you and the boys. Have a good time.

  3. Tony V. Says:

    Yo Sean Whats up? How you been? Great to hear you are in town. Where are you guys going to be ridin? I have my boat ready to go! Are you going to be at Koppert this week? I am leaving for Banks on the 15th. Are you all going to Roosevelt this year? Like to hang with you guys and Party! give me a call . 253-468-6852. You probably already have it in your cell,but I thought I would throw it your way anyway. Have a great time this week, its going to be hott!!!
    Peace, Tony

  4. Matt Robinson Says:

    What up westsiders? You are right about being treated to some great riding.

    Jeff Mckee - Thanks for coming to the XPO in Coeur d’Alene. We enjoyed having you.

    If you don’t know what I am talking about, check us out at

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