MAVEN Clinic Recap of the Willamette River Sessions with AWS

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Photos by WakeboardNorthwest Staff : Bryan Myss


MAVEN Team Members and Coaches, Hayley Smith & Barrett Perlman, took the time to tell us about their experience in Portland working with the gals that participated at the MAVEN Sessions on the Willamette River (in collaboration with Active Water Sports). Read Below…..


Barrett Perlman Quote :

- “I love getting to coach on the Maven Sessions. Theres nothing like helping spread the love for wakeboarding to other girls and helping them achieve things they never thought possible. I love coming to the Northwest because the scenery is so beautiful and the people are so wonderful. Through the Maven Sessions i’ve gotten to be friends with a family in Portland that now welcomes me into their home and has me travel to their family vacation to coach them. This years session in Portland brought the warm weather finally! The girls all rocked and almost everyone walked away with a new trick or two My highlight was working with one girl who had never tried 180s and getting her to stick both toeside and heelside ones in her first set! Portland is always one of my favorite stops and Active Water Sports makes it a pleasure to keep coming back. This was my 3rd year in a row out in Portland, and certainly not my last!”


Hayley Smith Quote :


- “I was very lucky to be apart of the Portland Maven session this year. I had been to Portland only once before and really loved the city so was really excited to go back there and see some new places (Like Mt. Hood!!). The sessions were set up through Active Water Sports in West Linn, these guys were awesome in taking care of the girls, providing us with boats, drivers and one really good pack horse (who managed to carry a boat load of LF boards, jackets, bindings and rope in one swoop!).

The sun was out, the water was so flat, though it was ridiculously cold due to the long snow season this year, but that didn’t faze the girls ! I don’t think I have ever seen a tougher bunch of girls, with only a few having wet-suits to help keep them a little warmer. They didn’t let the cold faze them, they were all determined to give their best. I am stoked to say that all of the girls learned something new, be that a whole new trick or adjusted bad habits that they had picked up along the way. Many of the girls were learning surface 180’s, some taking face plants along the way, then progressing to one wake 180’s while others were perfecting their toeside and heel side wake to wake jumps!

Through Maven I am able to meet girls all over the USA who are at all levels of wakeboarding, fresh beginners and others who have attended maven sessions is previous years. I grew up attending similar all girls wakeboard events back home in Australia and am grateful that I am able to pass on some of my knowledge that I have learned over the years and get other girls as stoked on the Maven products as much as I am.

I would like to congratulate the girls on how well they did in one quick session, learning new things is hard enough, its even harder when you don’t want to fall in the ice cold water!

Thanks again to the guys at Active Water Sports (Zach Schneider and Jefferson Vowell) for taking care of the Mavens and supporting our cause! ”

Andrea Fountain took a couple sets to end each MAVEN Session as a bonus for the gals.


Liquid Force MAVEN Coaches : Andrea Fountain, Hayley Smith, Barrett Perlman



To Learn more about the Liquid Force Maven : Click Here.

Visit Active Water Sports in Beaverton or Oregon City : Click Here for their website. They also offer wakeboard lessons at Koppert Lake in Toledo, WA (1.5 hrs North of Portland). Click Here for Info about Koppert Lake. Northwest Pro AWS Team Riders Mike and Nick Ennen and Mike and Nick Cardoza are frequently seen taking sets on Koppert Lake. You’ll also recognize the lake from Wakeboard Films produced by Jared Eygabroad (Good Times 1, Good Times 2, and most recently, GODSPEED) and Spencer Norris (The Arrival and One Eye Shut).

* The next Northwest MAVEN Sessions are with BAKES Marine August. 18-19. Registration is still OPEN for both days ! Register today and reserve your spot before they fill up. Read about last years BAKES MAVEN Clinic : Click Here

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