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Posted on Sunday, May 6th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted under General, Media, Riders, Videos

Spencer Norris and Robby Carter recently made a 3000 mile cross country journey from the Northwest to Orlando, FL. Carter was training for the upcoming season in Orlando for a few weeks while Spencer is currently filming for his new video. Post the release of his first film, “The Arrival”, earlier this year Spencer is already shooting footage for his sophomore video that will have appearances from East and West coast riders.

While down in Florida Spencer was able to work with a variety of talented riders. His new teaser features : Jeff House, Rob Carter (NW), Derek Grasman, Kyle Alberts, Nick Jones (NW), Alex Brown, Bryan Huton, JD Webb and Austin Haire.

Spencer told Wakeboardnorthwest this week, “The line up for this new video will also include many riders from last year : Brandon Robins, Alex Scagliotti, Chris Craig , Mike and Nick Ennen, Brent Starr, and I am sure that Bret V will have a cameo in there. Because he is the pimp of the Northwest, you can quote me on that one”.

Check out the new teaser from WIT Productions.

9 Responses to “NEW Video Teaser from Northwest Film Maker”

  1. Randy Says:

    I had the chance to be out in the boat for one of the film sessions on Orlando when Spencer was filming Alex and Austin Hair. For those who have never seen Austin ride your in for a treat when this film is relesed, I also heard Spencer got some good footage of the boys during a slider set at O’town. This follow up film to the Arrrivel and the addition of some east coast riders should be sweet. Spencer, Shasta trip in the future??? Holla at me.

  2. Bryan Says:

    Lake Shasta reunion over Memorial Weekend ?

    I hear Alex and the Hoffman gals will be at a local comp.

    Plus, “In & Out” is just a short drive away.

  3. Spizzle Nizzle Says:

    thanks randy, shasta sounds like a plan for round the same time as last year. i just started doing a little editing on jeff houses section and its pretty B.A. i look forward to coming down to bend and getting footy with alex, i have a feeling its gonna be a big year for him.

    Bryan keep it real.

  4. randy scagliotti Says:

    Spencer, sounds good, Rob C and Nick will be on the west coast then & the three of them at Shasta pushing each other should make for some entertaining riding. You still have the slim footage right?

  5. Sean Says:

    That teaser was very sick!! Spencer is the man!!!!!!!!

  6. Zack Says:

    Mr. Kilgus … Nice to see your rather on the web site. Looking forward to good things from DRIVE as well!

    Spencer…keep it up buddy! I hope to get the time to hit up Shasta this year…

  7. Rob C. Says:

    YEA SPENCE…. Teasesr is sick, hope all is goin good in the NW hood. i know how it can get rough up there haha. il be back soon from the dirty south, talk to yall then.. lol

  8. Maddie heath Says:

    hey great job spence! your simply amazing! i love you!
    love your cousin,

  9. Chief Says:

    Spencer Norris you’re my hero… Hope Florida is treatin you well… EEEEEEE….. GAHHHHHHHH

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