Nick Jones Update : Surgery Was a Success, Road to Recovery

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It’s been three weeks since Nick Jones went into surgery to repair a Liz Frank Fracture (a tear of the ligament between the first and second metatarsal) in his foot which was slowly pulling the two bones apart. He has been dealing with the injury most of the season since January when the initial fracture occurred. Now post surgery, Nick is in good spirits and on the road to recovery.

The surgery was successful from what his doctors say. While in the recovery room, Dr. Chi explained that once he removed the scared tissue from the injured area, the bones that were separated went right back in place. Dr. Chi says that the procedure went far better than he expected it would.

READ : Nick Jones Has Surgery To Repair A Nagging Foot Injury - Posted the day of his surgery.

Check out the x-rays from Nick’s surgery :




We’ve stopped by Nick’s house to check on him periodically over the last couple weeks. Read what he had to say about the surgery, his recovery, and plans to get back on the water in the next few months.


WakeNW : How are you feeling post the surgery ? How’d it go ?

Nick Jones : I feel as good as I can. The surgery went well from what the doctor told me. I am off the pain meds now. The only bummer is that the water and weather have been epic ever since my surgery. September looks to be the best month so far this season. Feels good to have the surgery over with though. I look forward to being healthy again.

WakeNW : What the most difficult thing about the recovery ?

Nick Jones : Once I fully recover it will be the coldest months and right now is the best time to ride. I don’t like sitting around waiting, but I had to have the surgery to be healthy and 100% for next season. It is frustrating not being able to be on the water while it is glassy and the weather perfect right now.

WakeNW : Timeframe for your recovery ?

Nick Jones : I’ll be on crutches and in a cast till October 2, then fly back to Orlando on the 3rd of October. I will then be in a boot for 6 weeks starting physical therapy soon after. My hope is to be riding by December. Light stuff, like sliders and just some easy wake to wake tricks. January I’ll really start hitting it hard and training for the 08 season.

WakeNW : How are you feeling about this past season and the your accomplishments?

Nick Jones : I was stoked with the season. It was my first year riding pro. You can never go into the first year and know what is going to happen because it is a whole new ball game out there. You’re no longer competing against your friends that are the same age. All of a sudden your now going head to head with Rusty. It is definitely more of a challenge. Even being hurt most of the season I ended up getting 19th on the Pro Tour. I had a few tour stops where I thought I could have done better, but I got 11th at Nationals. Overall, I was happy with the year. I also had a few photoshoots and video parts shot so it was productive. It could have always been better, but I had a lot of fun and it was a good learning experience for me as a rider.

WakeNW : Who are the sponsors holding down the fort ?

Nick Jones : Been riding behind a new Malibu Wakesetter. Malibu has helped me out all year. I love the wake, the boat design, and the wedge. It progressed my riding. BAKES has been so supportive of me as a rider. I also ride for CWB Board Co. Stoked on their product. I was riding the 08 gear up to my surgery and can’t wait to get back on it when I am able to ride again; check out their boards. Imperial Motion; I love their clothes from the hoodies, t-shirts, and board shorts. They are really growing as a company. WakeboardNorthwest has been covering me as a rider since I began. I check the site when I am in Orlando, on Tour… it’s my homepage. I thank them for the continued support of my career.

WakeNW : Who would you like to give a shout out to or give thanks?

Nick Jones : I would like to give a shout out to my family; my mother and sister. I love you’all. Mom, you’ve been my biggest sponsor and fan. I could not have made it this far without you; I love you. My sis and her dog Charlie. Spencer Norris, can’t wait to see the new video… it is going to be sick. It’s been fun filming with you bro. Had the chance to ride with Kilgus too before my surgery and that was a great opportunity. Thanks for the pulls buddy. I respect and look up to you and I enjoyed riding with you. Bill Baker, from BAKES. Thank you for your support with the boat. Your support helped me so much during my travels and riding throughout the year. I appreciate the continued support of Justin Nicks and Steve Bates from CWB, and Steve from Imperial Motion. Bryan and Zack at WakeboardNorthwest; Thanks for your support from the beginning. Greg Young from Northwest Riders Clothing. And I want to give a thanks to all my friends and fellow Northwest Riders that have supported me throughout my career and since my surgery. I can’t wait to get out on the water with you guys when I am healthy.

7 Responses to “Nick Jones Update : Surgery Was a Success, Road to Recovery”

  1. Friend Says:

    Nick Jones…. How about that rad little puppy next to him?!? That’s his mom’s dog Oscar and he’s one cool little shitzu! He actually taught Nick how to do a Big Worm and a Toe 9 in the same afternoon. Go figure, the little guy has an eye for the small things and was able to explain to Nick that he needed to think more about doing a toeside 180 before the whirly portion of his big worm and tuck up just a little more on his Toe 9. One or two more attempts and Nick had them both dialed. Glad to hear that both Nick and Oscar are doing well! Thanks for the update-

  2. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    What up bro, glad to hear surgery was good. Hi to your mom from us.


  3. Zack Says:

    Quick recovery buddy! Look forward to hanging out and seeing you ride again. Call me if you need anything.

  4. spizzle nizzle Says:

    chyea chyea chyea holla holla holla chyea holla

  5. Bryan Says:

    Jones - Stoked that the surgery was a success. I second what spizzle nizzle wrote above.

    Get healthy bro…. you’ll be on the water in no time.

    Praying for your speedy recovery.

  6. Chris Craig Says:

    Hey Bro,
    Can’t wait to ride with you again. The times that we get to go out and shred are few and far between now, but when we do do it it’s still like the good old days. I just wish that I could keep up with you now. I want to come and spend some time in FL this winter to train for the tour next year. Get well and see you soon.

  7. Richard Says:

    Good luck with your recovery, I feel your frustration, Dr Chi did my Liz Franc September 5th for a slalom skiing injury. I can’t wait to get back on the water. I’ll opt for the hard shell boots when I’m finally given the green light.

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