Northwest Wakeboarders Ride the NorCal Contest Circuit

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Author & Photos : Randy Scagliotti

Northwest Rider : Alex Scagliotti

Hey what’s up fellow Northwest Wakeboarders it’s Randy Scagliotti. We’ve been pretty crazy since the Portland Pro Tour stop. Alex has been spending most of his time in between coaching at Elevate Wakeboard Camp near Sisters, OR, riding down in California with the Hoffman sisters, and hitting up the NorCal contest circuit. The contest scene is strong down there and prize money is good for “amateur” comps. Here is a quick recap of the last couple weeks:

The NorCal WWA at Villa Lagos, located near Red Bluff, CA, is a sweet site that had numerous sliders for the riders to hit. The comp itself had a nice format. Four passes, three falls, and you could hit the sliders as part of your pass. A rider could usually leave with a prize worth more than their entry fee ($25.00). To keep the riders from getting bored waiting for their class to run, they had a two slider winch set up that ran all day during the comp and it was free also. The open division paid cash for 1st through 3rd with $2,000 up for grabs for the Tour Champions (at the end of the four comp series). On Sunday they ran a King of Rail competition where riders got four passes on the rails and two hits on the winch rails with intermediate and open divisions. Alex has done pretty well taking 1st in the first two contests and is starting to eyeball the end of the year cash.

The Hoffman Family

Young Groms

On to Sacramento: Wet Wednesdays runs a similar format to the one that used to run in Portland. It’s held in Old Town in downtown Sacramento on the Sac river, so conditions are a little “iffy” depending on boat traffic. Spectators watch from the old triple Decker paddlewheel steamer with a restaurant and bar. One class is run (Open) with a good pay out, $500, $300 & $200. It draws the top riders out of the Delta/Sac area including Brady Sammons, Derek Cook, Dan Bright, Raequel & Shawna Hoffman, and 2004 Jr. Men’s National Champion Derrick Conway, just to name a few. Alex rolled down with the Hoffmans and caught the last event of the series. Alex took first, while Pro Women’s Rider, Raequel Hoffman, took 2nd. She threw a Moby Dick & Crow Mobe in her run showing the boys the style and tech that the Hoffman Sisters bring to the sport. Derrick Conway finished 3rd.



Delta Hang Time Spectators

Alex ended his two week swing through Cali finishing up at the Delta Hang Time contest. This event was one of the best run contests I have ever been to. Everything ran on time and smooth. Props to NorCal INT coordinators Chuck & Linda Payton and their support staff. Awesome job. If you have never experienced riding the legendary Delta I suggest you schedule a trip. In most slues boat traffic is one way. Alex rode one stretch of water that was 3 miles long and butter the whole way during a practice set with event organizers Chuck and Linda Payton behind their ‘07 Nautique 210 (which was weighted big time). The comp was great with spectators watching the action from their own boats or from the top of the levee roads. The tow boat was the CIE/NorCal Mastercraft ‘07 X-Star nicknamed the “Bone Crusher.” The CIE (Concussion Isn’t Enough) crew are a bunch of hard riding, hard partying, Delta locals and great guys. Billy Tonis rides with one arm in the advanced division and throws down! Brandon George (CIE Kong) 250 lbs, and I’m being nice, is a supper funny guy who rides in the open division and he kills it. He throws inverts, spins, and raleys. If you’ve never seen a 250 pound guy throw a big worm…holy crap this guy rocks! The open division was stacked with some of the top talent in NorCal with $400 for the open division and another $580 for best trick. Jr. Mens Tour rider Tony Carroll made the trip up from Fresno to take the win with two killer stand up passes including 5 straight mobes in his first pass. Alex took the 2nd spot with a nice stand up run which included 6 mobes of his own. 3rd went to 2004 Jr. Men’s national champion Derrick Conway with a booted t/s 720. It was good to see Derrick back on the water competing again after back to back blown knees in 05 & 06. He’s a super stylish rider with a big bag of tricks.

Derek Conway - 2004 Jr. Mens National Champion

Alex Scagliotti - Delta Hang Time Contest

Best trick competition was a two trick format. Eight riders going for the money, most riders put down a solid trick on their first pass and then everyone went for it on the 2nd trick. A few of the tricks witnessed by the spectators on pass #2 were a Whirly 5, Crow Mobe 5, Slim Chance 5, and Big Worms. Raequel Hoffman, who was riding with the boys (because she can!), threw two attempts at a t/s 720 which she was super close on. After the dust cleared Tony Carroll took the win again with a stomped Pete Rose. Alex took the 2nd spot with a Slim Chance and 3rd went to Spin master Matt Norton with a h/s double grabbed 540.

Open Pro Winner - Tony Carroll

So much for my quick recap but it was super fun and wanted to share what has been going on in Cali over the last couple weeks. Thanks to all the cool people we met and new friends made. We will see you again this season.

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  1. Bryan Says:

    I greatly admire the support and pro-active involvement that Randy has for his son’s wakeboarding career. It’s refreshing to see a parent share the same passion for wakeboarding as their kid. I’ve had the privilege of working with the “Central Oregon” Riders both Alex and Robby. They are very talented riders and will continue to push the sport with their respective unique styles and tech.

    Randy - Thank you again for your continued support of WakeboardNorthwest, Riders from around the globe, and the sport of Wakeboarding.

  2. Shawna Says:

    Wow! Good article Randy! Those were definitely lots of fun!! Anyone who’s down to take a trip to Nor cal for these awesome local comps should come for sure! Alex is such an awesome rider! He’s always inspiring us, so helpful, and so fun to have around! We love Randy and Cindy too!

  3. Chase wells Says:

    Hi my name is chase wells and i am 15 years old. I would like to enter some type of contest.
    How can i get started in these contest

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