Northwest Representing at Wake Games This Weekend.

Posted on Saturday, April 28th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted under General, Riders
Wake Games

Randy Scagliotti, our resident WakeNW field reporter, has just informed us of the results for today’s riding. Check back for Randy’s “Finals” report and recap of the comp from Orlando.

Alex Scagliotti - 2nd in his Semi today, moving on to Jr. Men’s finals tomorrow.

Sam Cole - Riding in Finals “Men’s 1″, also tomorrow.

Shawna Hoffman - 1st in Jr Woman (Final)

Raequel Hoffman - 2nd in Semi’s, moving on to Finals tomorrow in Pro Woman.

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  1. Spencer Says:

    Chyea chyea holdin it down fo realz yall be repin like mo fo’s

  2. shmitty Says:

    dude alex is the man… randy pass our congrats onto alex

  3. scagliotti Says:

    Spencer, what up man. Glad you made it home. Alex landed the slim 540 yesterday in the quater finals. Don’t loose that footage.

    Chris, thanks I passed it along to Alex.

  4. scagliotti Says:

    Quick update, Pro men’s finals was the best I have ever seen and I’ve seen a few.

    1st Philp Soven T/S 900 T/S 720, back side 720, Whirly Dick (720) Dum-Dum

    2nd Easy E Adam Arrington, T/S 900 back to back 720’s, Dum-Dum, KGB, 270 transfer

    3rd Shawn Murray Blind Judge, Crow Mobe 540

    Alex started out good hitting a big nose batty, Whirly, Dum-Dum then went down hard catching the nose on a switch T/S transfer, he made a good recovery but went down on a H/S 720, and finished 6th.

    Sam Cole also rode good in his semi (1st) but like Alex had a rough finlas going down twice in Men’s 1.

    Jr. Mens winners
    Jimmy LeRiche
    Robert Soven
    AJ Racinelli

    Thanks for all the support from WakeBoardnorthwest

    I’m going to go find a cold one now…….

  5. scagliotti Says:

    I well be sending some pic’s to Bryan tomorrow, kind of a view of Wake Games through my lens (don’t expect quailty shots) Maybe Bryan can tune them up

  6. Zack Says:

    Right…thanks for the info Randy! Stoked to hear Alex and the Northwest gang is doing well…also glad to see my man Shaun Murray back in the podium club!

  7. Woo Says:

    Alex is so sick!!! He is the best Jr. mens rider on the west coast. Keep it up and show the world what Northwest riders is all about.

  8. Jason Says:

    It’s great to see another Central Oregonian tearing it up on the national stage, and still staying true to their roots! Nice work Alex!

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