Northwest Riders Wake Series - Recap

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2010 Northwest Riders Wake Series :: 1st Annual Wakeboard Event

This event was fun…and I’m not just saying that because it was our event. I had a blast. Greg had a blast. Our volunteers had a great time. The riders enjoyed it. We also heard the same from Monroe locals (except for that one angry fisherman), the Monroe Parks Department, the City of Monroe Mayor and staff, and on and on. It was fun because all of these people made it just that. Thank you. Anyone that came out and supported us…you are appreciated.

We are sifting through tons of images which we will post here on the BLOG in the coming days. Rhys Logan ( came out to snap photos and will have them for sale for those that were asking/interested. Until then have a look at this edited video Rhys put together and read on:

We started out with a Friday night Double Up contest sponsored by Mastercraft. The format was head-to-head and was a winner-take-all showdown. The night before, Greg, Chris Hudspeth, our buddy Jason, and myself ventured out to set up stadium style lighting. We knew the latter portion of the event would be in the dark so we wanted to make sure and keep the water lit. We partially succeeded. The first few rounds were solid as the Mastercraft X-25 provided by Darren and the boys at Mastercraft Seattle cranked out a mean wake for the riders. Our driver, Sean Kilgus (BFY Productions) drove by the crowd gathered at Sockeye’s Restaurant literally feet from shore. Lake Tye is man-made and perfect for a wakeboard competition with a good amount of depth more or less the entire area of the lake. The riders vying for the prize of $500 cash and the title of the first ever winner of the Northwest Riders Wake Series Double Up Showdown were: Dan Klopp, Alex Scagliotti, Travis Stewart, Rob Carter, Nick Cardoza, Scott Woods, Spencer Norris, and Thomas Olson. The riding got more difficult as the night wore on. As I mentioned earlier, we partially succeeded with the lighting. The crowd could see well, while Kilgus and the riders had a more difficult time. We had the lights set where they created a bit of a glare at water level. The semi-finals featured Alex Scagliotti, Dan Klopp, Rob Carter, and Scott Woods. Alex and Robby moved on to face each other in the finals…fitting as both are from the Bend, OR area and have been riding partners for years. The visibility on the water proved to be a test for the riders and in the end, Robby won on literally the last double up of the night with a big tweaked out Indy Glide. Congrats Rob!

Rob Carter - Northwest Riders Wake Series Double Up Showdown

sponsored by Mastercraft

Winner Take All - Robby Carter

Alex Scagliotti vs. Robby Carter

Alex Scagliotti
Dan Klopp
Robby Carter
Scott Woods

Malibu Boats sponsored day two (Saturday) which was the meat of the Northwest Riders Wake Series. Saturday’s all-ages and abilities contest ran all day from roughly 8am to 6pm. We had 46 wakeboarders across the divisions: Novice, Womens, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open. There was plenty of entertainment for the crowd. Not only was there great wakeboarding to watch out on Lake Tye, but Grizzly-Sports brought out tubes and a water trampoline for the swimming area, and we had Jared Eygabroad on the microphone giving away gear and raffle prizes nearly the entire day. Jared also had some interesting and awkward contests such as: Cutest Kid Contest and Tackle Greg Young for a T-shirt. He also had a few fans convinced that Toby McGuire was on shore signing autographs in a Spider Man mask. Vitamin Water came out to make sure everyone stayed hydrated which was clutch as the temperature hovered in the 90’s. The featured Open division was a 3-man showdown. In the end, our own Eddie Roberts took 1st place and $300 with some solid riding. All-in-all, we saw some great wakeboarding, had some laughs, and learned some lessons for making this even bigger next season.

Northwest Riders Wake Series Competition

sponsored by Malibu


1- Talon Sorensen
2- Eric Soler
3- (we lost our sheet … if you got 3rd please contact us)


1- Jaime Klontz
2- Priscilla Stultz
3- Megan Middleton
4- Olivia Kull


1- BJ Morgan
2- Joe Spry
3- Shawn Stohrer


1- Kyle Havens
2- Trevor Lewis
3- Ren Waldron


1- Eddie Roberts
2- Colin Spradlin
3- Mark Hunsinger

After clean up and tear-down on Saturday, we wrapped the whole event in a nice little package and put a shiny little bow on top in the form of a wakeboard clinic taught by none other that Washington wakeboard icon Brent Starr. Fourteen people came out to learn something new on a wakeboard and test out the Slingshot wakeboards and bindings. There were first-timers on up to riders that have been out there for years and all left with more confidence and a little bit bigger bag to carry around their tricks in.

The 2010 Northwest Riders Wake Series was a success…hands down. We definitely have room for improvement and we are already planning for next year. We want to thank so many people that made this possible. It is hard to fit everyone in, but a few are:

Wade Wagley and Slingshot Wakeboards, Grizzly-Sports, Bakes Marine, Mark and Lani at Malibu Boats, Mayor Zimmerman - Denise Jacobsen - Mike Farrel - Oriville - and the City of Monroe, Darren and Mastercraft Seattle, Robert and NW Quality Remodel & Deck, Vitamin Water, Rhys Logan (, Sockeye’s Restaurant, Sean Kilgus, Matt V, Jared Eygabroad, Dylan McGuire, Chris Hudspeth, Brent Starr, Eddie Roberts, AJ Koenig, Brandon Robins, Ryan Brien and The Rock Church, Nick at Red Bull, Ray Durkee, Gary and Carol Clinefelter, Caitlin Goetze, Muscle Milk, Spencer Norris, all of the riders, all of the families of the riders, all of the fans and people that came out in support, Phil Thomas Kat, Tommy Robinetti, and the one pissed off “Sportsman” … anyone we didn’t list we want to thank also with the classic: “you know who you are.”

Until next year…

Northwest Riders Wake Series T-Shirt

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