Preview W.I.T. Production’s “One Eye Shut”

Posted on Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 by Zack | Posted under General, Media, Riders, Videos


Since watching the first release from W.I.T. Productions titled “The Arrival,” we here at have been anticipating the next film from Spencer Norris. Norris’s “The Arrival” was a freshmen debut that offered us a glimpse into the talented mind of this young filmer. That video featured the raw and stylish talent that the Northwest has become so famous for in the wakeboarding community. We couldn’t help but wonder what was next.

After catching a few glimpses here and there of the new work of “One Eye Shut,” we were even more amped than before. This new film is one that looks to have stepped it up a notch both in filming and editing complexity and fluidity for Norris. Take a look for yourself at the newly released teaser video and get ready for what looks to be a mix of hard hitting riding and poetic style from behind the lens. The premiere is set to go off on December 27, 2007. More information to follow.


13 Responses to “Preview W.I.T. Production’s “One Eye Shut””

  1. Bryan l NW Rider Photog Says:

    I LIKE.

  2. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    I am sooo stoked for the premiere. Nice art work and design on the box Spencer, who did it? Party at Spencer’s on the 27th

  3. Shawna Says:

    I’m stoked! Looks good! :] Let me know when it premiers

  4. Shawna Says:

    just kidding. Dec. 27. can’t wait :]

  5. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Shawna are you and Reaquel going to try and make it up for the premier party, that would be so cool, bring your snowboards.

  6. Greg Young Says:

    Randy, the box cover was designed by our in-house designer at Northwest Riders Clothing Co., Trevor Kaiser. He custom made the font and the whole cover looks awesome in person. See you at the premier!

  7. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Spencer you have a time yet, need to plan the drive.

  8. spizzle nizzle Says:

    zack has the event poster, im sure it will be up soon. but its at 9PM on the 27th. the poster has the address and all that good stuff

  9. T-OLS (the cats Meow) Says:

    This video is going to be bigger than Spinal Tap!

  10. Zack Says:

    Spencer…send me that poster again. Greg and I just got back last night from the sweet cross-country Northwest Riders Bus trip. I will be posting up some shots from the road with a brief recap soon.

    Sorry about the lack in updates on the site. Have not been around much with travels lately.

  11. spizzle nizzle Says:

    im glad that you could have that experience. im stoked to see the pics

  12. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Address for the premier? I want to get on map quest and find a hotel close by.

  13. David Says:

    I saw One Eye Shut, it was really good. looking forward to next year.

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