Slingshot Demo Day with the Central Washington Wakeboard Club

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Author: C.W.U. Wakesports Club/Team: Mike McKinney & Mike Stepper.

Ellensburg, WA – Recently the Central Washington University Wakesports Club/Team had the privilege to demo the new line of Slingshot Wakeboards at an undisclosed location, but perhaps known to the CWU Club Riders as their “secret spot” near Potholes, WA.

Slingshot Wake Rep. Justin Meyer made the trek all the way out from Stevenson, WA with the full line of boards. In addition to letting them all demo the new gear he hooked them up with a ton of free swag.

CWU Rider Jeff Fabiani took out the new Response 142 with the new driver boots. He loved the new liner the boots had and could not believe how easy it was to adjust the stance with their new design. After getting comfortable on the board, Jeff was able to put together a nice run that included a whirly, scarecrow, and indy tantrum to name a few of the tricks. From CWU’s branch campus, rider Nick Haisch came out and threw an insane raley off the double-up on the Response 142. However, these boards are not only for just advanced riders. Brittania Huston, riding for her second time ever on a wakeboard, rode the new Recoil 134 with the Dragon Fly boots and was able to get up and cross the wake both ways. She fell in love with the board immediately. Overall, the entire Team/Club were stoked with the boards and were impressed with the flexibility, pop, solid construction, and innovative design.

After everyone had their chance to test the boards out, Slingshot Rep. Justin Meyer showed them all how the boards were really intended to be ridden. In fact I think he’s still dizzy from spinning his way up and down the lake with a run that included back to back, backside 360’s followed by back to back 540’s and a few presses out in the flats. We loved all their new products and would like to thank Justin for making this happen as well as Slingshot for their new innovative designs being put into motion.



Following the Demo Day with the CWU Wakeboard Club I spoke with Justin Meyer about SlingShot’s proactive grassroots effort to reach out to everyday riders with their product.

He had this to say :

“At Slingshot we pride ourselves on being a company focused on freeriding, and I think that events like this really capture what that means. It was so awesome to be able to ride with these guys on their own “private lake” and to see how they experience wakeboarding. The club was so surprised that a wakeboard company would take the time to go riding with them and let them demo their boards. For me, that is what my job is all about. Going out and meeting people at their home lakes and giving them a chance to try out the most innovative wakeboarding products on the market. The CWU Wake Club have a great program, and I’m glad they invited me out there. Big thanks to the CWU Club and to Will Kilcup for organizing this event (and for letting me crash on his couch).”

If you are interested in a Slingshot Demo let us know and we will help organize an event in your area. It is a goal of ours at to support companies that are reaching out to riders all over our region regardless of riding level or experience.

Visit :


SlingShot Wakeboards launched their new website just over a week ago. There has been much anticipation for the technology that SlingShot is bringing to the forefront. The site has video clips of Team Riders demonstrating the board’s capabilities while clearly showing the difference in flex patterns compared to anything else on the market right now. Jeff McKee also walks the viewers through the ‘07 product line.

Take a look through the SlingShot website and discover the boards that could very well be the future of our sport.

Team Rider Bios: Collin Wright, Jeff McKee, Jared Couch, Nick Valliere

“Here at SlingShot we pride ourselves on freeriding not contests. Whether it be an afternoon on the boat with your usual crew, or an evening set at the rail park, we’re all about having fun on the water and being creative.

Style is key, as well as originality, which is why we have chosen to work with two of the industries most notable freeriders, Collin Wright and Jeff McKee.

From here the possibilities are endless. At Slingshot we look forward to investing in our team and future to see freeriding grow. See you on the water”


8 Responses to “Slingshot Demo Day with the Central Washington Wakeboard Club”

  1. WakeWookiee Says:

    I have not yet tried the slingshot gear, but everyone I’ve spoken too has been totally stoked on it. If there is ever a shred sesh open to wookiees, I am so down. I know it’s sad to hear that some people discriminate against Wookiees who wakeboard, but I’ll be honest, it happens more than you might think….might have something to do with the smell of damp wookiee fur. Regardless, thanks for the review and I can’t wait to try out the new Slingshot gear!



  2. Zack Says:

    haha…Wake Wookiee huh… good stuff.

    Not sure where you are from, but we have demos available at Bakes Board & Ski in Issaquah.

  3. Bryan Says:

    Justin - Thanks for making the trip out to Central Washington to hold a Demo Day with our friends over at the CWU Wakeboard Club. I know they greatly appreciate the grassroots effort you are making to give riders the chance to ride the new SlingShot boards. I can’t wait to test one out myself.

    Keep us updated on other upcoming demos you are putting on throughout the Northwest.

  4. Patrick Says:

    You guys need to come demo near the Spokane area. There are alot of us here just itching to check out your gear. I just got into wakeboarding, and would love to check out a quality board. instead of the cheap junk I ride right now.

  5. Jason Says:

    I wish I had been there to check it out. I’m looking forward to getting on some Slingshot gear for the first time this weekend.

  6. Zack Says:

    I rode both board styles and have to say that I am impressed. Coming from a Snowboard background these boards felt amazing!

    It may take more than one set to get the feel…I liked the Recoil the best and loved the snappy feel.

  7. Jason Says:

    Do they ride more like a real board than other flex boards? I think I would be most impressed with a board that can be a true replacement for my every day ride, and not something that is so one dimensional, like the Roam.

  8. Zack Says:

    Definitely! Very snowboard…not one dimensional. Feels like a board you ride regularly but with different characteristics…


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