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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with W.I.T. Production’s front man Spencer Norris and ask a few questions about his upcoming film “One Eye Shut.”  Norris has been filming with some of the Northwest’s top talent as well as some rippers from Florida and other areas across the US of A.  The film is the follow up to his freshman effort “The Arrival” and by the looks of it, will be a great addition to the young filmers resume.

WBNW: Where was “One Eye Shut” filmed and who will we be seeing in the video?  

SN: Most of the footage was filmed in Washington, Oregon, California, and Florida.  It will feature footage from a cross country car ride with Rob Carter as well.  You will see: Alex Brown, Austin Hair, Alex Scagliotti, Bryan Hutton, Chris Craig, Brandon Robins, Derek Grasman, JD Webb, Jeff House, Jimmy Trask, Matt Manzari, Nick Taylor, Nick Jones, Robby Carter, Thomas Olson, and others.

WBNW: What rider from your first film stands out as the “most improved” from that video to this upcoming release?

SN: As far as tricks learned, I would say that Northwest Rider Thomas Olson stood out a lot this year. Just about every week he would call me up and tell me that he had a new trick that he wanted to get on film. This kid has a ton of natural talent on a wakeboard and it’s gonna be fun to get him down to Florida to ride with all of the guys down there and see how he blossoms.

WBNW: What other media outlets do you gain your inspiration from for the actual film and editing styles you put into your own videos?

SN: I actually watch wakeboard videos constantly and try to absorb a lot of my filming style from them. Lately though, I have been watching a lot of snowboard videos. I have a lot of plans for next year inspired by them. Another place I get inspiration from as far as editing goes is music videos. A lot of my ideas root from that.

WBNW: The first film was supported by Northwest Riders Clothing and WakeboardNorthwest.com. “One Eye Shut” received some more backing with Bakes Board & Ski and Samson getting behind it as well. How difficult is it to have such a small budget with so few in the industry showing their support for the “little guy?”

SN: First off, I would like to thank the sponsors backing me for this video because they definately gave me some breathing room for the production. You have to take all of your ambitions for the video and expectation for what you want it to be and throw it out the window. I had to re-evaluate my whole financial situation and figure out how much money I needed to earn, when I needed to work, when I was able to film, when I could have a chase boat on site, and when I could drive a long distance. I don’t want to say that having a big budget makes or breaks a video but it certainly helps.

WBNW: With so many kids with cameras these days, how do you go about setting yourself apart from the next guy?

SN: At 16 I got my first camera and started out just like everyone else. Going to all of the local competitions and strategically placing myself where all of the local pros were has been huge. Eventually I really started investing some time into the editing process and studying how videos are made. I loved the whole process of figuring out the programs and when the best times to film were. I had come to appreciate all the shots and angles. Eventually, wakeboarding and movie making made such a big impact on my life and started influencing the kind of music I listened to and the clothes I wore. When I decided to try and take this on as a career I wanted to engulf myself in the lifestyle, the scene, and the people that make wakeboarding what it is.

WBNW: How much does style come through in the sections? Guys like Rob Carter could be the next generation of Benny Greenwood? The guy is so fluid to see ride in person and a lot of people have not had the chance to see that yet.

SN: This year I was able to film with Rob a lot. Almost every time he would get out on the water he would make everything smooth while going big. His section is hard hitting and really beat driven like his riding. I really made it a point to put a lot of technical editing to his section.

WBNW: Does your film technique have to change based on the rider and the individual riding style each brings to the table?

SN: I usually keep my filming style consistant throughout the filming of a whole video. It will probably change for my next one. Where my overall technique usually changes is in the editing process and is based on the riding. I guage the music on the style of riding and pretty much go from there.

WBNW: Do you have any early information on the premiere? Date, location, time, etc.?

SN: I am planning on having the premiere in the same spot as last year at the Des Moines, WA movie theater. It will be on December 27, probably around 8:00 PM. There is also another premiere potentially in the works for the Seattle Boat Show if people arent able to make it to the original premiere.

WBNW: Shout Outs?

SN: I would like to thank everyone that has given me a home/couch to sleep on throughout the making of this video. All of the people who have helped me with chase boat driving and whatnot also. Zack at Wakeboardnorthwest.com for the coverage, and Bryan Myss with WakeboardNorthwest.com for providing photos for me, it helps out a ton. Scott Parnel at Samson Sports. Greg and Zack at Northwest Riders Clothing for providing me with their designer’s time for the box cover and DVD artwork and for the clothes on my back. Bill, Zack, and Brandon at Bakes Board and Ski. If you need a boat or any wakeboard gear (or Snowboard and Snow Ski gear) head to Issaquah, WA and check it out because it is an awesome shop. I would also like to thank my family for all the support and my Mom, because yes, I still live at home. Lastly, the riders for supporting me throughout this whole process. It has been great to live and get to know all of you guys. It’s great to have so many friends that share a common love for our sport and I look forward to working with you guys in the future.

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    Nice interview, looking forward to the Premier.

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    Sick interview guys, thanks for the props on both ends, appreciate it

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