“The Way” - A Scratch Films Look into Wake

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Our newest video project, “The Way” has been an amazing project to work on and is finally for sale IN STORES!  There are so many aspects that make this video like no other; like Rhett Whatley’s exclusive soundtrack, two versions to choose to watch on one DVD (A Trip Version and a Riding Only Version), and all of the wild things these riders did along the way.  We made this video to show what it’s like to be on a professional wakeboard trip and these riders didn’t disappoint with amazing riding and incredible adventures.  This video will make you want to get out and take a trip of your own!  Don’t just take my word for it, this is what the riders had to say about their favorite parts of the trip…

If I had to pick one part, my favorite part of the trip would have to be the start of the trip at Koppert Lake. Not only was it the warmest part of the trip, which apparently Washington is the coldest state in the world, but also they have a rail park and that is my favorite aspect of wakeboarding. The first day we were there we rode in a local contest that they held, then later in the night sessioned a winch rail that was shaped like a picnic bench. Except for the fact that the rail was crooked, it was a super fun rail, and it was good to see Jared step it up with the innovation. I feel that wakeboarding tends to sometimes lack on the innovation side at times, but on this trip, for only being two weeks long, plenty of innovation went down.  You’ll have to see it to know exactly what I’m talking about. - Jimmy Wolfe

The highlight of the trip for me was watching Doud “mertalate” this wall ride out in the middle of area 492 (somewhere in East Washington). The way the water was flowing made it really intimidating, but that didn’t faze him. After a couple of people busting a$$ (literally) on this thing, Doud decided he was up. He must have hit the thing 30 times in a matter of 2 hours and at one point he tapped the fence. Not to mention the fence was 12 ft. above the water. I had never seen anything like this on a wakeboard so I was pretty excited. Props to Doud for killing it and Jared for finding this gem. - Rhett Whatley

My favorite part of the trip was camping at Lake Cle Elum. We had good weather the whole time and the lake was always butter. I had a lot of fun hitting double ups and riding in our sweet chase boat that we hijacked for the weekend (Jared’s dad’s fishing boat). Josh Thompson (the photographer) and I had some pretty vicious airsoft gun battles on that thing. I felt like I was riding on one of those gun boats back in Nam!  Hilarious, you know what I’m talking about Jared? Ha! We met some locals at the Sunday beach party too.  I don’t know if any of you have ever had the chance to ride behind a Bayliner full of people on a board that’s too big with a 10 inch wide pigeon-toed stance, but its rad…oh, and yep, I pulled off the raley to prove I was who I said I was. - Robby Carter

Hmmm!  My favorite part of the trip…that is a good question because there was so much ground that we covered all around Washington State and so many killer spots that I have never got to check out.  It really shows how many different types of lakes and riding spots there are in just Washington alone.  There was one technical difficulty for me on this trip. I had a broken wrist due to an accident earlier in the summer.  I did have a waterproof cast on, so I did whatever I felt I could with the situation I was in.  Because of that, I think my favorite part of the trip was being able to do the two things that I was able to do; hit the rails at Koppert and do some large shiftys off the double ups at Lake Cle Elum behind the 21 ft Tomcat.  Another aspect that made this trip go so well was the group of riders that we had with us.  There was a good diversity in riding and style that really pushed the group as a whole.  This just gets me excited to see what else Washington has to offer and what other things can be accomplished by checking out new spots and riding with good friends. - Nick Ennen

There are many parts of the Washington road trip that stand out in my mind.  From getting picked up by the Pita Pit bus at the airport to hitting up a huge cement wall ride, the trip was non-stop excitement.  But more than any individual moment, the adventure with the whole crew was my favorite part.  Just being able to see the state of Washington and get to ride in so many unique places with good people was amazing.  As always, Jimmy got us in trouble, Travis made us laugh, and the adventures never seemed to go as planned, but that’s what made the trip so memorable.  You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.  In the end, none of it would have happened with out such a solid group of guys and I thank everybody for such a great trip. - Daniel Doud

Who thought that packing eight guys in a 35 foot motor home for 2 weeks would be so much fun? This wakeboard trip was like no other trip I have ever been on. There was so much different riding that went on that I have never done before. Winching through rivers and irrigation ditches, riding with new people and on new lakes, and the good times we had made this trip great.  I could not have asked for a better time. If I had to pick one time that I had the most fun, I would have to say it was when we were winching in the Cle Elum River. Doud, Robby, Jimmy and I found this log on the side of the bank and set it up for a little flat bar. At the start of the log the water was only a couple of inches deep so we dug it out a bit to get room to ollie. The log went over this little ledge and the landing was in this ten foot deep natural pool that the river made. When we there setting this up, our photographer Josh Thompson was snorkeling in the pool and found 5 pairs of sunglasses.  I also think that Travis caught his first Northwest fish, a huge 8 inch trout. I like this because it was so different then anything else I have ever done on a wakeboard and it was my first time riding in a fast flowing river. - Chris Craig

My favorite part of the trip… was the whole trip. It was fun, and that’s what wakeboarding is about. Jimmy being Jimmy was probably the highlight for me. He is just gnarly and wants to do anything and everything. From jibbing HUGE sketchy river rocks to letting us jib him, he was always doing something crazy. I still can’t believe he let us go wake to wake while jibbing a board he was holding over his head.  He’s crazy.  Oh, and the worst part???  Hot sauce on my lips at 3 am.  You can’t get a good night’s rest on a bus with so many guys.  Ha, good times. - Travis Propst

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