TRANSGRESSION : Gator Boards Team Film - Teaser

Posted on Friday, May 25th, 2007 by Bryan Myss | Posted under General, Media, Riders, Videos


Transgression is a film by NW based Film Maker Ronn Seidenglanz of This Gator Boards Team film features, The Return of Randall Harris, the unveiling of Matt Manzari, NW Rider Dave Issacson, Keith Lidberg, Ryan Doyle, and the rest of the GB crew. Shot on location in Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Idaho, California, Florida, and The Dominican Republic.

After watching this teaser I was floored by the cinematography. Ronn is known for his unique angles and perspectives. His latest work, Transgression, lives up to the reputation. I think you will be as impressed with the caliber of riding that was captured during the filming sessions.


Ronn’s Video Distribution Company, Sidewayz, has brought us titles from other Northwest Resident Film Makers such as:

Bent Felix : Sean Kilgus - BFY Productions
The Arrival : Spencer Norris - WIT Productions
The Good Times 2 : Jared Eygabroad - Scratch Films

Check out the Transgression Film Teaser Below. I promise you’ll watch it over and over as I have. Keep your eyes open for the release sometime in June ‘07.

Transgression Video Trailer

4 Responses to “TRANSGRESSION : Gator Boards Team Film - Teaser”

  1. Zack Says:

    Looks like Ronn is once again putting his mark on the sport…so excited for this film release. I love Ronn’s take from behind the lens…

    Teaser is sweet!

  2. Nick H. Says:

    Insane. I love 16mm films. It would be amazing if they released an HD DVD or BlueRay disc version too. I’ve already watched the teaser like 7 times on their site and I am sure I’ll watch it again.

    - Nick

  3. Jason Says:

    I’m with Nick, how about some love for the hi-def enthusiasts? If that’s not realistic right now, I’d at settle for something that is at least available in widescreen.

    It’s great to see another manufacturer like Gator Boards grab a foothold in an industry that has otherwise been very resistant to new manufacturers. Think about how many smaller board manufacturer’s have come and gone over the years. Hopefully they can continue to grow, field a strong team of pro-riders and nurture the sport.

  4. Bryan Says:

    Had the privilege of talking with Ronn just after posting this. He is such a humble guy. I am inspired by the films he has produced….they’ve been such an unique view of wakeboarding and the lifestyle. This new Gator Team video will open a lot of folks eyes…..The story behind this video is truly a testimony…..

    I cannot wait to see this film.

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