Wakeboard Lessons in Seattle, WA

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Northwest Riders
Instructors: Greg Young, Zack Clark, Team Riders
Location: Seattle, WA
Boat: Malibu
Wakeboard lessons and wakesurf lessons

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  1. Shelle MArkley Says:

    I’m looking for someone to provide a lesson or 2 for my 14 year old son. He rides confidently back-and-forth across the wake, and attempts to jump it. Looking for a few more tricks and challenges. We live in the Federal Way area.

    Do you have instructor names? Costs? Locations? Thanks- Shelle

  2. Zack Says:


    The web sites listed here in the article will direct you to the contact person. The locations are also listed above.


  3. David Walker Says:

    Looking for a group setting for teaching my son 12years waterskiing and wakeboarding on the lake. Any ideas?

  4. David Walker Says:

    we live on lake sammamish

  5. Robin Zambrowsky Says:

    My son and daughter and my son’s friends enjoyed a great wakebaord lesson with Greg yesterday. I would recommend this highly. Greg was very helpful and courteous and professional and the kids had a great time. Made for a great suprise birthday party! Thanks again Greg.

  6. Michael Nall Says:

    I’m looking for wake boarding lessons for my 11 year old son. Can you direct me to someone or does your company do lessons, etc… We live in Seattle.

    Mahalo nui Loa!

    Michael Nall

  7. Zack Says:


    Give Greg a call: http://www.northwestriders.com/wakeboardinglessons

    Be sure and ask about the BUY 4 GET ONE FREE special.

  8. Daz Says:

    Hi there, I’m looking for wakeboarding lessons for myself on the second weekend of October - 6,7,8 this year 2011 to be precise. If anyone is offering services, I would be interested - I’m coming from out of town and expect it to be wetsuit weather. Please feel free to let me know what might be available, I have about 4-5 years cable park experience. Daz.

  9. Zack Says:

    Daz…I forwarded your info on to Greg at Northwest Riders Clothing Co.


  10. LisaFox Says:

    how much is the cost of an hour class?

  11. Zack Says:

    Lisa…there are different prices depending on how many people come out, etc.

    Generally, 1 to 2 people is $100 an hour.

    Give Greg a call at 425-220-0675 and he can answer any specific questions you have.

  12. Morgan Says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you do the wakeboard lessons year round? id like to learn how to clear the wake and some other trick, but i didnt know if the lessons are still going on?

    Morgan :)

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