Wakeskating in Washington with W.I.T. Productions

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Words by Spencer Norris - W.I.T. Productions 

I recently returned from a filming trip at Koppert Lake and the greater southern Washington area.  I filmed with some of the most progressive wakeskaters in the sport, Nick Taylor and Matt Manzari.  The Hippodrome/Byerly Toe Jam had just finished its second day of competition at Koppert upon my arrival.  Everyone was still out sitting around the campfires as the stars peeked in and out of clouds.  Not seeing anyone I knew, I decided to pack it in for the night. 




I woke up around seven in the morning and made my way down to the camp site.  Everyone was still asleep in their tents so I decided to check out the grounds and all the work that they did to the lake to get it ready for the competition.  Silas Thurman was able to get Nike to sponsor a huge pool for winching with two down rails out of the start up pool.  If you ever go to Koppert, check it out because it is a giant monstrosity tucked back into a corner of the woods where you wouldn’t expect it.   Before the competition started I was able to get a quick set in with two of the guys working at the lake this summer which was a nice relief due to the intense muggy weather that we had.  The competition went smoothly ending with intense head to head battles with some of the best wakeskating that I have ever seen.  It came down to Brian Grubb and Nick Taylor in the finals.  Both guys were throwing big moves but in the end Grubb came out on top and Nick finished a respectable second. 


Setting Up the Winch - Wallace Pond


The next day, Nick, Matt, and I decided to try and get some filming done with a very restricted schedule of two days.  We started out the first day at Koppert Lake, using the winch on the Nike 6.0 pool.  The winch was a few pulls away from breaking, it was struggling to keep those guys above water but they were still able to pull off some pretty cool stuff.  Nick was trying to end on a back side 180 out of the pool but wasn’t able to get enough speed and kept getting spanked on the landing pool.  At that point we needed to take a break and go get some lunch at the firehouse dinner, in Winlock Washington, a town that I swear is still stuck in the depression era and home to the world’s largest fake egg.  Eric Sund, the manger of Koppert lake told us about this public swimming hole that had a bunch of natural jibs around it called Wallace Pond.  When we got there both of the guys were stoked.  There were a bunch of different docks that stuck out about 50 feet from shore, and tiny islands set up all around the pond.  Unfortunately the pond was having some problems with “blue algae” and the water wasn’t suitable for getting in.  We were about to pack everything back up until we saw kids across the way frolicking and splashing each other in the water that “may cause illness.”  We figured if they weren’t sick yet then we had good odds.  We set up the winch and both Nick and Matt seshed the crap out of the dock.  It was pretty awesome to see two young guys be able to look at something, figure it out, and stomp it there first hit.  After shredding the dock we headed back to call it a night. 


Matt Manzari


The next day we got a late start and weren’t out searching for a winch spot until 2:00 PM.  We started out looking all along the Cowlitz River near Toledo, WA.  After checking out a few spots and deciding they were a no go, we went down a random dirt road.  That lead us to cool deep turquoise colored glacier water flowing down a river about 200 feet wide surrounded by trees.  The banks dropped off about five feet out into the water making this part of the river really deep and the water flow very slowly.  There weren’t any natural jibs here so we picked up a tree and extended it out into the water and stacked some half cut logs on top.  The water was probably 55-60 degrees and a little cold for the Florida boys so they didn’t get too many hits on it.  The struggle to find this spot was worth it with its beautiful back drop and the total silence it gave us.  After the river we headed back to Koppert to try and get a quick boat set in.  The light was dimming fast so the guys were kind of rushed but were still able to throw some great tricks.  After that night I said goodbye to the guys and they flew back to Florida.  After about 700 miles of driving in about two and a half days I got some pretty epic footage.  My next trips will be happening east of the mountains with some of the northwest’s best riders including: Tom Olson, Nick Jones, Rob Carter, and Alex Scagliotti.  Keep posted for updates on the filming of my new video due out this winter.


Nick Taylor


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    thanks alot guys for the post. you are my sunshine

  2. Randy Scagliotti Says:

    Spencer, don’t you owe me a E-mail with a little footage??? Remmber I bought pizza, Celbelas no less. Alex said you got some good stuff last week with him & Thomas. Stoked on the new vid.


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    ive been trying to but my email is messed up and i cant send any files. i actually tried the second day i was back

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    I would like to take a chance to thank my sponsors

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    and of course a big thanks to wakeboardnorthwest.com for supporting me throughout the years. stay in touch for more postings as the years goes on. thanks again to everyone!

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    Where to next? The skating looks sick. Can’t wait to see some footage.

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    cant wait to see the vid.

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    spencer…. amp’d to see the new flick bro….

    see you next week for the trip.

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